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Re: [NTO] PC power supply dead?

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  • alice ttlg
    ... If we were, you wouldn t have any work! :) ... D oh! I totally forgot about the jumpers on the drive! Of course, that s what it was. ... I should mention
    Message 1 of 34 , Apr 2, 2005
      On Apr 2, 2005 8:26 PM, Jason W. <jwellband@...> wrote:
      > Why can't all my clients be like you? LOL

      If we were, you wouldn't have any work! :)

      > Probably that BIOS is picky about having a slave drive without a
      > master - just a guess :)

      D'oh! I totally forgot about the jumpers on the drive! Of course,
      that's what it was.

      > LOL! My desktop is like that, but because I wanted a behemoth case to work in.

      I should mention the reason it has two non-working hard drives in it
      is because the original primary hard drive is mounted vertically in
      the front of the box at the bottom, just below the rack for the CD
      roms, hard drives and floppy drive. And the dang thing is darn near
      welded to the case as far as I can figure, it's in a bracket that
      cannot be removed from the case (without permanently damaging it) and
      there are no visible screws to remove the drive from the bracket. I
      can't even disconnect it from the power supply because the rack is
      directly above where the power cable plugs into the drive and there's
      literally no room to pull the plug out. I was lucky to get the cable
      to the motherboard disconnected when I replaced the primary drive a
      couple years ago. Dangedest setup I ever saw.

      The other non-working hard drive is attached to the cdrom/hard drive
      rack on the other side of the rack and I can't get the other side of
      the case off to figure out how it's attached and get it unattached.
      (And it wasn't worth the hassle of trying to get it out of there, I
      don't have another drive that I need to put in there.)

      > Probably your 2nd stick is a slower speed and her board won't take it
      > whereas your board would.

      I bought both sticks at the same time, same brand, same speed, when I
      bought the motherboard.

      > That shouldn't make a difference unless one stick is just cheaply
      > made. I've got a stick of Kingston and a stick of some other generic
      > brand and mine's working fine.

      I don't remember the brand but I didn't go for really cheap cause like
      Ed said, you get what you pay for, so I got something medium level.

      > It's possible but it'd be more likely to have a memory speed issue.
      > You can put a faster stick in a slower board but not a slower stick in
      > a faster board.

      oops, this is a faster board, mom's PC is a P3 600 (or 650) mhz, mine
      was a PII 450 mhz. Maybe the sticks were faster than my old board or
      it's not that much of a difference or something. :)

      ah well, it works - so far...<alice knocks on lots of wood and crosses
      toes, fingers and eyes> <owww>

      alice ttlg

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    • Barry
      All ISPs have a whitelist and whatever they agree to put on it is allowed access through their servers. A number of people in a forum that I write to are
      Message 34 of 34 , Apr 9, 2005
        All ISPs have a 'whitelist' and whatever they agree to put on it is allowed
        access through their servers. A number of people in a forum that I write to
        are AOL members and my mail was originally classified as spam until their
        addresses, at my request, were added to the AOL whitelist. It's a pain I
        know but a way to circumvent the system.

        Take care Barry UK

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        > One of the reasons I left AOL was because they have built in internet
        > filtering, even of email. I do genealogy and I found that "key words" in
        > the filters were things like Boy, sex, child, address, etc. things
        > VERY commonly used in genealogy.
        > AOL uses "proximity" filtering, and sometimes the real stuff gets
        > through and the stuff I want to see never does.
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