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[NTO] Re: External had drive dead

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  • abairheart
    ... operates ... That would presume, that XP is running when you re trying to restore a bad drive. ... indeed ... appearing ... the ... time. ... Hot-swappable
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 1, 2005
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      --- In ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com, "Paul M. King" <peking7@m...>

      > disk is connected to my CPU with a USB cable. And Drive Image v. 7
      > in Windows XP, not DOS.

      That would presume, that XP is running when you're trying to restore
      a bad drive.

      > I thought I had read all the caveats about using an external HD and
      > have restored my system from it once. Then I noticed warning text
      > in the systray about taking cautionary steps before interrupting
      > connection by unplugging the external drive cord from my CPU.
      > I thought the drive was hot swappable and I could unplug it at any
      > Apparently not so.

      Hot-swappable means you don't have to turn off the power.
      You do have to wait for the OS to finish writing to the disk.

      > I think that's where I screwed up. Currently, I cannot read
      anything on the
      > external drive and fear I have hosed all its files. And that's what

      I'm afraid that is probably so. BUT, if there's ANY hope for the
      data, do NOT write ANYTHING to the disk. If only the drive's file
      pointers are corrupted, there may still be salvageable data files

      Nowadays this is something for professionals. Depending on how
      important your data is, you might want to look into disk recovery

      But, that'll cost you, even if they cna't find anything. So get a
      quote first.


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