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Re: [Clip] nother error

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  • hsavage
    Hi Ed, I think we should move to the Off-Topic list, we re adding a lot of repetitive text to the Clips list . I m CC ing this to Off Topic. ... Will you
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2004
      Hi Ed,

      I think we should move to the Off-Topic list, we're adding a lot of
      repetitive text to the 'Clips list'. I'm CC'ing this to Off Topic.

      Ed Brown wrote:
      > We are getting closer. No error messages but it has taken the old
      > signature line off and added nothing.

      Will you check to see if you have both, in your My Documents, a
      signature.txt file, and, a signature10.txt file. If you Compare the
      contents in NoteTab they should be identical if you ran clip 'Sigline

      Load the signature files into NoteTab, right-click on the filetab and
      click 'Copy Name', that will copy the entire path\filename.ext to the
      clipboard. The path\filename.ext for signature.txt should be the entry
      in TB's Account settings line. Also, please paste that path\filename
      into the next email.

      > Neither can I add any sig line to
      > my email. So we have definitely made progress. Now if only we can get it
      > to put up a signature line. I checked the Tools and Account settins and
      > the old signature line is in there, but even if I change it there is no
      > signature appearing on my emails now.

      Funny, doesn't feel like progress!-)
      It's really odd, it works perfectly for me and we can't get it working
      for you.

      > Definitely Progress but which
      > direction I do not know :-). I made H="Sigline Changer" the title of the
      > clip and removed it from the clip otherwise. If I leave it on there it
      > prints out on a page in NoteTab per se H="Sigline Changer" and the
      > results with it or without as part of the clip are exactly the same as
      > far as the eye can see. But the eye cannot see what the clip is really
      > doing.:-)

      You can use the clip below with the added command line, ^!SetDebug 1,
      this gives a dialog box before each line is interpreted making it easier
      to follow clip operation. To disable ^!SetDebug just change the 1 to a

      > Ed
      > hsavage wrote:
      >> Ed Brown wrote:
      >>>> This is what I have now.
      >> Ed,
      >> Here is the clip converted to 3 shorter
      >> lines trying to prevent email interference with line wrapping.
      >> It also may be easier to read. It does seem we have a minor path

      H="Sigline Changer"
      ^!SetDebug 1
      ^!Set %newsig%=^$GetShellFolder(Personal)$signature^[dd^].txt
      ^!Set %oldsig%=^$GetShellFolder(Personal)$signature.txt
      ^!CopyFile "^%newsig%" "^%oldsig%"

      I dropped one of the percent signs from the newsig variable in the
      copyfile line, that could be part of the problem. A corrected copy above.

      hrs > hsavage@...

      Sigline Test File #10 for Mozilla Mail! 04-11-10
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