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Re: [NTO] Backup and or Mirroring the hard drive

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  • John Mitchell
    Ed There are lots of good backup solutions available. Here are three I can personally recommend. 1. BootitNG - http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/bootitng.html
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 6, 2004
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      There are lots of good backup solutions available. Here are three I can
      personally recommend.

      1. BootitNG - http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/bootitng.html
      2. Second Copy 2000 - http://www.centered.com/
      3. Total Commander - http://www.ghisler.com/

      BootitNG is ideal for backing up entire disk partitions. It can create
      exact copies and/or compressed images. The target can be CD, DVD, or
      another disk drive. I use it regularly to take snapshots of my system.
      As its name suggests, BootitNG is also a boot manager and it allows you
      to easily partition physical disks, create, delete, resize, and move
      logical partitions. A companion (free) utility allows you to retrieve
      individual files from full disk images.

      Second Copy 2000 is essentially a backup scheduler. You initially (once
      off) define what files, directories, whole structures you want backed up
      and when you want the backups to occur, and then forget about it. It
      supports all sorts of copy modes - simple copy, compressed copy,
      directory synchronisation - and has powerful include/exclude filtering
      capability. I use it to keep vital data synchronised / backed up between
      desktop and laptop.

      Total Commander is a comprehensive File Manager with lots of powerful
      built-in utilities including a directory synchronisation command. It is
      most useful for ad-hoc backups where you want to visually compare two
      structures and then decide what to do.

      As you can see, all three offer different but complementary solutions.
      They are all Shareware. BootitNG is $35, Second Copy is $30, and Total
      Commander is $32 to register. Cheap at the price in all cases!

      Regards, John M

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      From: "Ed Brown" <ebrown1927@...>
      To: ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 08:53:55 -0500
      Subject: [NTO] Backup and or Mirroring the hard drive

      Hi everyone,
      I am looking for the most inexpensive way to mirror a hard
      drive. I have
      looked at the Replicator and it is too expensive for me. I would
      mirroring rather than have to settle for a plain Jane backup but
      may be my next option: so how is the fastest way to do a backup.
      I have too much data and apps to backup to CDs, Rewritable CDs
      or even I
      have too much data and apps to backup to CD's or Rewritable CDs
      or DVDs.
      While searching Google I found the same question asked and the
      was given--"Go to Google and do an extensive search" so Googling
      is not
      always the best way to find information as good as Google is and
      takes a lot of time.
      OK, I have been Googling but I really need the answer from
      someone who
      has been there and done that.
      I have read enough to know backing up a hard drive using any
      method is
      not as easy it would seem. I do NOT want to use a tape back up
      but if it
      is the most inexpensive option it might be considered. I prefer
      to back
      up or mirror to an external hard disk of a size large enough to
      the hard drive being backed up.
      Can I assume that mirroring and backing up are basically the
      same thing
      but that mirroring is an exact copy of the hard drive while most
      backups are selective and usually back up data only. For now
      consider all malware if any was successful removed before
      mirroring or
      backing up

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