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RE: [NTO] ygarchive.zip (was [Clip] Archives)

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  • Bob Janes
    ... http://www.pgoffline.com/ looks like a really good one and appears to have a trial period. I haven t tried YGArchive. I ve used PGOffline for six months or
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1, 2004
      Alec Burgess wrote:
      > FWIW: the program mentioned by Bob Janes : PG Offline
      http://www.pgoffline.com/ looks like a really good one and appears to have a
      trial period.

      I haven't tried YGArchive. I've used PGOffline for six months or so and been
      very pleased with it. I got it mainly to support a couple of lists that I
      own or moderate and it has been a valuable add-on. I don't use it to respond
      to postings, though I could. Mostly it is used for list admin, archiving,
      and for pulling off sets of messages which I then clean up and create as PDF
      files for a readable archive. PG Offline has a facility to create a digest
      from a selection of messages that I find I an copy and paste into MS Word to
      clean up for publication.

      There is indeed a free trial - I believe that it's for 30 days and is
      full-featured. That was enough to convince me to buy for my needs.

      Wilson Logan the developer has also been friendly and responsive and when I
      had a bug had his developer create a one-off logging version to track down
      the fault. He makes himself available through e-mail, ICQ or Skype.

      The one caution that I have is that if you start to download a site with
      more than about 200 messages then you need to read the instructions and set
      up PG Offline to do it in chunks so that Yahoo doesn't ban you temporarily.
      My current settings are to do 150 messages then wait 45 minutes. It can take
      a few days to get a really big archive but it all happens quietly in the
      background as does updating of new messages.

      NB I have no connection with Personal Groupware other than as a satisfied

      Best wishes



      Bob Janes
      'A Helping Hand'
      +33 (298) 48 09 77

      Where so many hours have been spent in convincing myself that I am
      right, is there not some reason to fear that I may be wrong? ~ Jane
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