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  • Jody
    Hi Dr. Paul, and All Others, Thanks everybody for all the posts - seen enough now. ;) ... Click on Help | NoteTab Glossary... You re listed in the
    Message 1 of 18 , Sep 2, 2004
      Hi Dr. Paul, and All Others,

      Thanks everybody for all the posts - seen enough now. ;)

      >> What would be a good heading name for NoteTab's Glossary's next
      >> release for eMail/Internet acronyms?
      >I was wondering about whether "eMail/Internet acronyms" is short
      >enough (regardless of how you care to spell "email"), so I went
      >to look at the glossaries I've got loaded now. I assume you're
      >speaking about the spelling checker dictionaries, not the
      >What do the other glossary names look like?

      Click on Help | NoteTab Glossary... You're listed in the
      Acknowledgements section, but we want mention it to anybody less
      they think your memory is failing. ;)

      >(Parenthetic note to those who care about how to spell words that
      >don't yet have standard dictionary spellings: Do you really think
      >it's consistent to insist on typing "e-mail" messages while
      >simultaneously dialing the phone to check your "voicemail"? I
      >mean, if you want to get picky ... <grin>...)

      LOL! When has the American English ever been consistent?
      Furthermore, "ya'll" and "a-couple-a-three" (sp) is *perfect*
      English in the South! Where as "you all" and "two or three" would
      be considered a foreign language like they speak in the North! <vbg>

      Actually, I picked up eMail off Cindy Goss years+ ago during one
      of the early NoteTab updates when she suggested to Eric to spell
      it that way because it looked neat/kewl. :) I thought so too and
      never stopped using it. Eric did tell us that he needed to stick
      to the common or correct spelling or something like that. Who
      decided for us that e-mail was "correct" anyhow? ;) ...and, I bet
      this does not work: ^!e-mail <vbg>.

      ...and Dr. Paul says, "Oh, that glossary!" ;)

      Happy Topics,

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