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Re: [NTO] Firefox question

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  • Julie
    The description of Internet keywords below is _not_ the same function as the alias function I was asking about where text expands to a URL, but entering a
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 14, 2004
      The description of "Internet keywords" below is _not_ the same function as
      the alias function I was asking about where text expands to a URL, but
      entering a keyword in the bookmark's properties does indeed do the same
      thing as the alias function :-).

      At 8/14/2004 02:29 PM -0700, Robert Romberger wrote:

      > Netscape has had the keyword function available for many years
      > now, same
      >holds true for Mozilla and Firefox. It is a part of the bookmark functions.
      >Quoting Mozilla Help on Internet Keywords:
      >Using Internet Keywords
      >Internet Keywords work with the Location Bar to help you quickly find
      >specific types of information. There are several ways to use Internet
      > * Type a specific product, trademark, or company name and press Enter
      >(Return on Mac OS), to go directly to a company's web site.
      > * Type certain verbs, such as "shop" or "quote," followed by the word
      >you want to look up, to get specific information. For instance, "shop pets"
      >takes you to a page with links to online pet stores.
      > * Type the name of a city or town followed by certain words such as
      >"movies" or "restaurants," for local information. For instance, type "san
      >francisco restaurants".
      >Hint: The most commonly used Internet Keywords are listed in the pull-down
      >list to the left of the Location Bar. Click the triangle and choose from
      >the list. To see a longer list of keywords, choose List of Keywords.
      >Important: To use Internet Keywords, you must press Enter on your keyboard
      >(Return on Mac OS) instead of clicking the Search button. Pressing Enter
      >activates the Internet Keyword feature; clicking Search initiates a search.
      >To see the difference, try this:
      > 1. Type "apple imac" into the Location Bar and press Enter (Return).
      >Apple Computer's iMac Web page appears.
      > 2. Now type "apple imac" into the Location Bar and click Search. You see
      >a list of links related to Apple Computer's iMac models.
      >If typing Internet Keywords into the Location Bar is not working for you,
      >check your Smart Browsing preferences to be sure the Internet Keywords
      >feature is enabled.

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