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Re: command line parmeters

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  • John Zeman
    ... Depending upon your Windows version (meaning if you re running NT, 2000, or XP), the command line command for starting programs in a specific sized window
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 4, 2004
      --- In ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Hopkins" <ironmike@i...>
      > OK, good folks, what are the command line parameters
      > to open new window minimized, MAXIMIZED, or Normal?
      > Also, is there any command line parameter that will
      > close a window after the associated program has
      > finished?
      > I'm trying to get windows scheduler to open Media player,
      > play a tone every ten minutes and exit.
      > I can't find a free clock program that will do this
      > continually
      > and the cron-like programs I have tried interfered with the
      > operation of other programs like, oh, windows explorer.
      > Any help will be appreciated.
      > Mike Hopkins
      > ironmike |AT| inav.net

      Depending upon your Windows version (meaning if you're running NT,
      2000, or XP), the command line command for starting programs in a
      specific sized window is START. Go to a command line prompt and type
      START /? then press ENTER. If you get an error then start isn't
      available in your system. However if start is available, the
      start /? key sequence will tell you how to start a program in
      different windows amongst other things.

      Even if you are not using a newer version of Windows you can still do
      this with older versions by creating a shortcut to the program you
      want to launch. Just create a shortcut to that program and launch
      (or use START or from NoteTab ^!Shell) the shortcut instead of the
      program itself. In the properties for a shortcut you can specify
      whether the window is opened minimized, maximized or normal.

      As to closing a window after a program exits, it really depends on
      what you're doing. Most GUI programs (GUI=Graphic User Interface
      i.e. a typical Windows program like NoteTab) do close the window
      they're in when they terminate, however many command line programs
      won't. To force a window created by a command line program to close
      after the program terminates, add the command line command of EXIT to
      the end of the script. But even that may not close the Window in some
      older versions of Windows.

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