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Re: [NTB] sticky scrollbar

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  • Jody
    Hi madgod313, We should take this over to the ntb-OffTopic list now. See my signature line to signup for it or click on a link below.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2004
      Hi madgod313,

      We should take this over to the ntb-OffTopic list now. See my
      signature line to signup for it or click on a link below.


      I corrected a typo in the Logitech version number below and added
      some Logitech links. Anyway, please reply on the OffTopic list.
      If there is a fix (like upgrading maybe) I'll post back over here
      the instructions/comments.

      > I feel like I'm intruding, but...
      > Has anyone other than me had this happen?

      Not on the lists, no I don't feel like I'm intruding. <bg>

      > The scrollbar of NTLight will follow the mouse pointer if I
      > left-click on it only once and then release. Another click
      > anywhere within the NT window "unsticks" it. Click again on the
      > desktop or another window and then on the scrollbar again, and
      > again it is tied to the cursor.
      > It only happens in one other program that I know of, and in
      > that one it is not reproducible. Seems random. Not sure if it
      > always used to happen with NT. I don't have a clue. It's not a
      > problem, just an interesting... bug? feature? lol

      It happens to me, that is, scrolls where the cursor is in web
      form pages, comboboxes, and windows all the time. As far as
      NoteTab Pro/Std/Light/Logitech go, the window panes need to have
      full focus in order for them to scroll. More below...

      Make sure you have the mouse extension software running. The
      Mouseware/software and drivers are an extension of MS' and
      Logitech wheel mouse drivers. The Mouseware/drivers need to be
      running at least in the background to get all the extended
      features. You can hide the icon from the system tray. I know with
      my Logitech I must keep the configuration software running in the
      background for it to work. Logitech's extension software is
      EM_EXEC in the Task Manager and Intellipoint is Point32. (You
      can press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the Task Manager).

      This is how mine is working and seems like it has always been
      like it, except for minor changes throughout Win OS releases.

      It has pretty much always been the way it is in NoteTab. That is,
      you need to activate the window pane by clicking on an item in
      the list (like a Clip in the Clipbook F4) or a file in the Quick
      List F6). Basically, you need the cursor in the pane you want to
      scroll in in order for it to work when you have more than one
      pane open. In the Clipbook, I/you (?) need to have Single click
      to execute unchecked in Options under the Clipbook tab in order
      to scroll with the wheel. The combobox above the Clips works the
      same way as does the one in QuickList; they need full focus to
      wheel scroll.

      I'm running Logitech Mouseware 9.7 on a USB Optic Wheel in WinXP

      I just installed the latest Mouseware (9.79.1 build 25) drivers
      for my Logitech Optic Wheel like the blue ones, but this one is
      black. Anyway, the same behavior happens.

      A reminder to post this on the OffTopic list. See below.

      You may need to copy/paste long links; The following is for the
      Mouseware for Logitech mice running on XP. (It has the drivers
      and options for the mouse.)

      I'm running Logitech Mouseware 9.7 on a USB Optic Wheel in WinXP
      Pro. I'll check for updates. I'm downloading the latest now:

      Title: Mouse Software For PC
      Version: 9.79.1 build 25
      Posted: 01/08/2004
      Platform: Windows XP

      http://www.logitech.com/ > Support > Downloads or just Downloads
      Logitech | Support | Downloads ...
      Hot Downloads
      Link -->MouseWare v9.79<-- released in Dec 2003. Upgrade now!

      Select your platform
      > Windows XP


      Happy Topics,

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