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[NTO] Re: [Clip] Sent to list. How does my addr get out?

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  • acummingsus
    ... [ . . ] ... if I ... groups ... sample ... Yes. I was aware of that. ... to keep ... From ... I suspected something awry with their challenge-response.
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 14, 2004
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      --- In ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com, "Jason Wellband" <jwellband-
      lists@c...> wrote:
      > : -----Original Message-----
      > : From: acummingsus [mailto:snipped@...]
      > : Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 5:28 AM
      [ . . ]
      > : I am replying through the Yahoo web interface so as to discover
      if I
      > : get yet another private email brought on merely by posting to
      > : list. ntb-clips I just got two from the same party. Here's a
      > : of one of them:
      > :
      > : http://users.cwnet.com/acummi/addresses/email.txt
      > :
      > Alan,
      > Keep in mind this is not personal.

      Yes. I was aware of that.

      >Someone on ntb-clips is using a spam
      > preventention system called 0spam.com which uses challenge/response
      to keep
      > out spam. However, it's not written correctly as it responds to the
      > address in your email rather than the Envelope sender

      I suspected something awry with their challenge-response. Perhaps
      that is it, newbies script/code writers. I hadn't thought of that as
      a possibility.

      I would not ever use challenge-response. End of story on just such
      method if enough people jump on this band wagon.

      >(if it responded to
      > the Envelope sender, than yahoo would put the user into bouncing
      > which I think would be the right thing to do.)

      Well, **FROM** ntb-clips aTT yaH00ggr0ups so that be the appropriate
      party to challenge.

      oh well, their system gets to make mistakes. ***SO DOES MINE!!***
      It may take me a long long long time to get root permissions.
      Meanwhile, due to my inability to remove, their addies the bots may

      Hmm, I wonder how I'd raise the ratings in the search engines for
      that page where their addies are (hehe)

      Thanks. have fun. Alan.
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