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RE: [NTO] MS Internet Explorer/System Restore

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  • Dart Chris
    One important extra about Restore points – data is NOT LOST ! Although it restores earlier programme settings etc. the associated data remains. It really is
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 7, 2004
      One important extra about Restore points – data is NOT LOST ! Although it
      restores earlier programme settings etc. the associated data remains. It
      really is good!


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      At 06:16 PM 4/5/2004, you wrote:
      >Hello Friends,
      >I had some additional toolbars on my Internet Explorer, some from added
      third-party programs.
      >When I right-clicked on the toolbar I could hide or unhide them, also I
      could drag a toolbar to expand it.
      >Right now I do not know what happened but all the added toolbars gone!
      >When I right-click on the upper toolbar I can see the list of the added
      toolbars (checked "V") but the list is Grey (not active).
      >In the "Tools -> Internet options -> advanced" I have checked the place to
      allow third-party extention...", restarted, but nothing better.
      >These toolbars were active while online or offline but now I can not reach
      them as I said above.
      >I also clicked on the "Restore defaults" and it did not make things better.
      >I ran AntiVirus program to verify if PC was virus attacked - all OK.
      >My OpSys is "Windows XP pro+sp1", I run MS updates now and then, system is
      OK. only this problem.
      >Can anybody give me some hints (any "tweek") to correct this strange
      >Thanks in advance.



      On the next screen type in a reminder like "System is Broken".

      Finish the wizard.

      Now do it all again and this time pick RESTORE MY COMPUTER TO AN EARLIER

      When the calendar comes up pick a darkened date that the system was working
      correctly and restore your system to that day.

      Note, any changes to your system since that day will not show.

      The ability to restore your system to an earlier time is the one most
      important aspect of XP Pro and is not available with the Home edition.

      The system will create restore points for you when you install new software,
      and every day or so but it is a good idea to create one yourself every once
      in awhile when your system is performing just the way you want it to.

      The number of restore points it will save depends on the size of your hard

      You do not need to enter the time and date in your description, it is done
      automatically for you.

      You can turn around and restore it back to the "System is Broken" restore
      point and continue as you are right now, or pick any other restore point
      that you think might work. You can go back and forth with no problem.

      You can get your system totally balled up and restore it to yesterday or an
      hour ago with not much more than a reboot if you create a restore point
      before you try new things.

      If you have ever screwed up your system with 98 or 2K and spent a couple of
      days trying to get it back, those days are over with XP Pro.

      You can change your Restore Settings at CONTROL PANEL>SYSTEM>SYSTEM RESTORE

      You can put a shortcut to it on your desktop by creating a shortcut to




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