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RE: [NTO] Re: I need help with my internet connection

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  • Brian Binder
    Hey Larry, Arg! There s a few things here that could really be helpful to you. I don t know if you ve tried deleting all your dial-up settings and re-adding
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 12, 2004
      Hey Larry,

      Arg! There's a few things here that could really be helpful to you. I
      don't know if you've tried deleting all your dial-up settings and re-adding
      them again, but that can help in some instances. Here's one from MS that
      I've used when I was ready to bring out the bat...

      I would first try (for the heck of it) to create a new name for the DUN
      service and set IT to be the default dialer in IE. Just make one called
      'ISP' or something and have it set to be the default. Then try getting out
      as usual. No good? Remove the original DUN connection. Still no good?
      Try the link below. Unfortunately, it's long and tedious; but it's worth a



      [Larry Thomas] I have set my connection to "Always Dial my Default

      [Larry Thomas} I hit ok and then when I launch Eudora afterward, I get the
      error message.

      [Larry Thomas] I followed the directions and performed the Add/Remove
      Programs operation and selected the "Repair" option for Microsoft Internet
      Explorer and then I rebooted the system to make the repairs take effect. I
      still get the error. Sorry e¿ê

      I do not know if it will help but I have a laptop IBM Thinkpad with the
      same os on it. It has a modem but I have never really used this computer
      much. I am going to charge the battery up and see if I can get it going.
      If I can and I can copy my Eudora and Mozilla programs to it, I might be
      able to get it to work. If I get it to work the way it should, then I can
      check out the settings on it and compare them to my desktop machine to see
      what the differences are and see if I can get my desktop machine to working
      again by changing the settings to match those on my laptop. Who knows. I
      might also look at some registry settings for both machines that are
      specific to the DUNS connection.

      Please let me know (anybody out there, not just Brian) if you think of
      anything else.
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