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RE: [NTO] Re: I need help with my internet connection

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  • Brian Binder
    I tried to follow the directions on this web page but I had some problems. There is no radio button labeled Use the following Dial- up Networking
    Message 1 of 11 , Feb 12 8:14 AM
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      I tried to follow the directions on this web page but I had some
      problems. There is no radio button labeled "Use the following Dial-
      up Networking Connection". There was a radio button labeled "Never
      dial a connection" which was selected.

      [Brian Binder] We'll want to see if we can change it to dial up your default

      There were two other radio buttons which I tried labeled (1) "Dial
      whenever a network connection is not present" and (2) "Always dial my
      default connection". I received the same error message below for

      [Brian Binder] Use 'Always Dial my Default Connection' or whatever you named
      your ISP dial-up connection.

      The error message was:


      This program performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.

      If the problem persists, contact the program vendor.

      [Brian Binder] Don't you just love those errors? I'll give you an illegal
      operation you @$#! Computer! ... ok just calm down Brian...

      Anyways, this happens when you simply change the radio button, or is it when
      you hit OK or Apply?

      You may want to consider going through your add / remove programs and using
      the repair feature of IE6. When you go to uninstall/modify it, it should
      ask you if you want to repair it and you can choose yes.

      Then try the setting and see what happens.

      This kind of stuff shouldn't happen. It's because IE is so intertwined with
      Windows OSes. When IE fails, so does half the other things on your PC.
      Stupid, huh?

    • Ed
      Does your ISP have a toll free number, if so call them and they will get you set up right away or at least most ISP s will. The two that I have used have been
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        Does your ISP have a toll free number, if so call them and they will get you set up right away or at least most ISP's will. The two that I have used have been most helpful each time that I call them.

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        From: Larry Thomas
        To: ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2004 10:17 AM
        Subject: [NTO] I need help with my internet connection

        Hello Everybody,

        I have a problem with my internet connection and I am hoping that someone
        out there can help me. I am able to connect to the internet and send and
        receive email and use my other internet programs ok right now. My problem
        is that I now must first start the DUNS (Dial Up Network Services)
        connection and click on "connect" in order to get connected to my ISP
        before I can run any programs such as Eudora or Mozilla or MS Internet
        Explorer. Before I had this problem, I could just run Eudora and then when
        Eudora started, it would launch the DUNS dialog box and the DUNS dialog box
        would automatically dial in to my ISP and then Eudora would check my mail
        and download it once the connection was made.

        Now when I start Eudora, it tries to download my mail without going on line
        and of coarse, I get an error message "Host not found" and the error sound.
        Then Eudora will not do anything else. I dismiss the error message and
        click on the "check mail" button and I get the error message again.

        I close Eudora and go to the short cut for the DUNS dialer and it connects
        me to the ISP. Then I run Eudora and it downloads my mial just fine.

        This problem is affecting all of my internet programs as I have said above
        including my browsers which give the same error messages and a couple of
        small programs for getting weather and setting my system clock which don't
        give error messages but they just never finish - they freeze up and have to
        be closed.

        I did get infected with the Mydoom worm before this happened and that could
        be the cause of it but I don't know what to do now. I have downloaded two
        cleaner programs for it and run them both plus an anti-virus program and it
        has not helped. I just uninstalled the anti-virus program and that did not
        do anything either.

        Does anyone out there have any ideas? Is there a web site where I might
        get information to trouble shoot this problem?



        lrt@... e¿ê

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