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RE: [NTO] Swap WinXP Between Two PCs

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  • Brian Binder
    Hi Brian, I wasn t aware of that.
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 24, 2003
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      Hi Brian,

      <<OEM software is bound to the PC or equipment it is sold with.>>

      I wasn't aware of that.

      <<if you sold your PC (old one) to another person, the license goes with

      I have no intention of selling either PC. I just want to use them both
      in my
      home for different purposes. Is it still illegal to do the swap? I
      paid the
      full retail price to Dell (the older PC in January, the newer one bought
      week). Microsoft got their fee both times, and I'm perfectly willing to
      comply with all of Microsoft's registration requirements.

      It still is illegal to do the swap. I understand that you don't want to
      sell the PC to another person, but it was just an easy example. OEM
      makes it easy for manufacture's to distribute the software, because
      whoever the rightful owner of the hardware is, is also the rightful
      owner of the software.

      And in all honesty, that rightful owner is Dell. You paid for a
      license, but it is still OEM. If it was 'retail', you could do whatever
      you want, including your proposed plan you are discussing here. It's
      not the price that makes it retail, it's the actual media.

      (Example) If you did sell the PC and decided to keep the WinXP distro
      that existed on the PC being sold, it would be unlawful. (I'm going
      down this path for a reason) You paid (to my understanding) for the
      license when you bought the PC, but the license = OEM. This means that
      if you sold that machine but still had a second installation (of XP) on
      the PC, you would be committing a crime.

      OEM stinks because even though you are paying for it, it's a rented
      license that works with your machine in specific. If you sold it, just
      make sure to include the price of the software in the selling price.
      OEM ensures that whoever purchases the hardware from you gets the OEM
      distributed software with it. I can't really say 'ensures' but I think
      you know what I mean. People begin to hate OEM (or have already)
      because they pay for the extra price of getting XP Pro instead of home
      (for instance) and then they sell the machine and that price THEY paid
      goes with the machine because it's bound by OEM license agreement terms.
      That's why I said when and if you were to ever sell that machine, make
      sure to include the price of the OS as well. It makes no nevermind that
      the buyer has his own license of Windows XP Pro (if so). They still get
      the license bound to the machine, so sell that as well.

    • R Shapp
      Hi Brian, Thank you for the clarification. Ray Shapp
      Message 2 of 6 , Oct 24, 2003
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        Hi Brian,

        <<It still is illegal to do the swap.>>

        Thank you for the clarification.

        Ray Shapp
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