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Re: [NTO] email trouble

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  • hsavage
    ... manager of ... from, but ... particular ... attachment ... Robert, You re correct, I searched this on Yahoo Groups with no hits. It was odd, they weren t
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 16, 2003
      Robert Romberger wrote:

      > While it wouldn't surprise me if they were, I have not heard of anything.
      >> They have also initiated an error response email from the 'List
      manager' of
      >> a different group
      > Um...That isn't a Yahoo Group manager. I don't know where it is
      from, but
      > the only reason you should be seeing any list manager mail is if you are
      > subscribed to that particular list (server) or are a manager of the list.
      > Sometimes I get mail bounces routed through Yahoo Groups about a
      > member having e-mail problems (from their mail server), but never from a
      > list server through Yahoo Groups.
      > As was mentioned, you might want to see if they came with an
      > that was stripped off along the way because it was infected with a virus.
      > --
      > Robert
      > Thought for the day: Necessity, who is the mother of invention. Plato


      You're correct, I searched this on Yahoo Groups with no hits. It was
      odd, they weren't random emails, they were the actual email I replied to
      on NoteTab lists.

      As I said, I would get the normal response from the list in the form of
      an email then I would get(all the proper text was in the rejection) a
      response from ListManager at dbzmail.com.

      After I posted the question about email there was a long dry spell of 10
      or 15 minutes, I usually get legitimate responses, from messages I send,
      within 1 or 2 minutes.

      Anyway, the problem seems to have been cured, I haven't received any
      more since I made that post.

      Being nosy, I logged on to dbzmail.com. I still don't know what it is,
      the first screen is a sign on screen whereby you have to join via email
      address and passwords etc..

      Following is an excerpt from the sign on screen.



      dbzmail.com agrees to provide Users one or more of the following
      Services via the dbzmail.com sites: electronic mail ("email"), chat,
      message board, mailing list, calendar, greeting card, WAP, web hosting,
      IMS, UMS or polling. User must: (a) provide all equipment, including a
      computer and modem, necessary to establish a connection to the Web; (b)
      provide for User's own access to the Web and pay any telephone or other
      connection and service fees associated with such access.
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