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Re: [NTO] Re: SPAM/Filtering

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  • Alec Burgess
    Jody/Julie I don t get enough spam to havve a problem with it (max 4 to 5 spams a week) but I m fascinated by the topic of spam detection. The rage seems to be
    Message 1 of 32 , Sep 3, 2003
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      I don't get enough spam to havve a problem with it (max 4 to 5 spams a week)
      but I'm fascinated by the topic of spam detection.

      The rage seems to be baysian (probalistic) spam detection and I've been
      using Popfile for some time. I also use it to classify my incoming email by
      groups - eg. spam, check (unexpected but worth reading), mailing_lists_A
      (the group that all the Notetab lists are in :-), mailing_lists_B (the ones
      like theBat that I signed up for but rarely bother reading anymore),
      newsletters_A, newsletters_B (same basic distinction as with the two
      mailing_lists), acks_etc (stuff like "read this" responses when I've
      requested a read reply, confirmations when joining lists).

      Mailing_lists_A and _B and Newsletters_A and _B are done with magnets
      (effectively whitelists) so they are 100% accurate though I still use a set
      of OE_rules that I'd set up before starting to use Popfile to actually put
      the incoming mail into folders to make reading it easier.

      If however, you just want a straight spam / not_spam determination that can
      be used as the basis for a dump_this decision I'd recommend having a look at
      freeware K9 http://keir.net/k9.html .
      Jody, this may not be appropriate for you if for whatever reason its
      important NOT to actually download from your server. With the size of
      harddisks (and especially if you've got highspeed access - ie. cable) I
      think thats a much less important consideration than it used to be. AFAICS -
      the important thing is that the person using the system be able to minimize
      the time that has to be spent managing it, not that you prevent its physical

      My impressions after brief use of K9 (actually I've got it set up so that
      the traffic is ISP -> Popfile -> K9 -> emailClient (OE in my case)) is that
      it is MUCH MUCH faster than Popfile in doing the classification (this may be
      the difference between a C program and a Perl suite using a browser-based
      UI) and that the GUI itself is VERY well designed for managing the email.

      One nicety is that (if requested) it will put a [Spam-xx%] tag in the
      subject line of anything it thinks has a 50% or higher probability of being
      Spam. Until its fully trained, if you've set up filters in your email client
      to move anything with subject containing "[Spam-" to a particular folder,
      you can then sort by subject and check more carefully the stuff that's close
      to the 50% mark and dump everything that has a 90% to 99% probability of
      being spam.

      Regards ... Alec

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      > Hi Alec and Julie,
      > (Thanks Julie!)
      > Bombarded daily here 200-350 it seems. Using eMail Remover v2.4
      > to delete the junk at the server. I prefer it (v2.4) over 3.x and
      > over Popcorn. In Popcorn you have to check the box - real small
      > target area. In eRemover you can click anywhere on the line to
      > select it. Ctrl+A works properly in eRemover also which is real
      > handy to do with 200-350 or so messages to delete. I just do the
      > Ctrl+A and un-select the messages to download. I do not think you
      > can still download eMail Remover v2.4 anymore. You have to get
      > the 3.x or above which has the nags. I suppose I could upload if
      > anybody wants to check it out.
    • Alec Burgess
      Greg: hrs: Another thing he (alec) mentioned, I m not sure if nPoP does, is allow only ... Mailcall2 allows you to (if you wish) to essentially ignore which
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        hrs: >> Another thing he (alec) mentioned, I'm not sure if nPoP does, is
        allow only
        >> messages from certain sources to pop up the MailCall headers window.
        > Not sure I understand you here...
        > If you have set nPOP to Auto-check every x minutes then it will check
        > all accounts. However, accounts can be individually set to be exempt
        > from a "Check All".

        Mailcall2 allows you to (if you wish) to essentially ignore which acct the
        mail was sent to (that's how I like it)

        Only one summary count total shown in the systray icon, but the icon changes
        color if any mail came in that meets designated filter conditions.

        For each filter you can designate which WAV file gets played. I recorded
        messages so that I get:

        "Personal mail for alec" (has the string "alec" in it)
        "Mail for pattie" (it was sent to my wife's account - not much of this)
        "Yahoo-bounce back" (To: contains @yahoogroups and From:is_my_account")
        "Regular mail" anything not meeting one of the above three filter conditions

        Only mail that meets "Personal mail for alec" condition has the flag set to
        display a pop-list. When shown it lists ALL mail waiting on the server, with
        the "Personal mail" sorted at the top.

        Regards ... Alec

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