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RE: [NTB] Comparing EditPad and Notetab?

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  • Brian Binder
    I *think* this constitutes as being part of the Off-Topics list. Please hit this link to subscribe to the NoteTab Off-Topics list:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2003
      I *think* this constitutes as being part of the Off-Topics list.

      Please hit this link to subscribe to the NoteTab Off-Topics list:
      ntb-OffTopic-subscribe@yahoogroups.com (or copy and paste it into an email
      and send it out.

      I have purchased both. I actually purchased both of them on the same day.

      In all honesty, the only thing I like about EditPad (over NoteTab) is the
      built-in SMTP engine.

      The GUI's are both different, but each has its own advantage. I love
      NoteTab when it opens because it lists all the documents I have previously
      been editing. EditPad will not do that for you. You always have to
      manually reload your list. That's 2 extra steps that I'm not crazy about.

      EditPad also doesn't contain any of the wizards and CLIPS!! (yahoo!) that
      NoteTab contains. The Clips are worth it! My wife didn't know anything
      about HTML but was eager to learn. What do you think I started her on?
      NoteTab! Hit the Clip to start the HTML wizard that learn about building
      pages. Absolutely fantastic.

      While I think EditPad is a worthwhile product, if I had to choose between
      one of the other for purchasing, I would choose NoteTab against ANY other

      It also doesn't handle Outline files the same way. Outline files are
      super-great for working on projects. And if it's improved even more in 5 to
      do tree-view or hierarchy-type views in the Outline, it will offer something
      that no other editor can do with any type of stability.

      Bottom line is, you go with Edit Pad if you are liking the eye candy it

      You are going with NoteTab if you want a product that is stable, has more to
      offer than any other text editor on the market, includes fantastic clips,
      and a super-smart group of users ready to offer assistance through the
      Yahoo! groups list.

      NoteTab - Simply the best is what I say.


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      > Has anybody compared EditPad
      > (www.editpadpro.com/editpadlite.html ) and Notepad?
      > Relative advantages/disadvantages, etc.?
      > Thanks.
      > Jeff Malka,
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