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NT Pro v4.95 minor bug

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  • Rowe, Eric
    Hi again, It s been some weeks since I last posted to the group about this problem, so I ve forwarded my original post for convenience s sake. I have since
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2003
      Hi again,

      It's been some weeks since I last posted to the group about this problem, so I've forwarded my original post for convenience's sake. I have since upgraded to 4.95, but the problem still persists. Each time I open the application, it is as though I had never run it before: no settings are kept, recent files do not appear, and read-me files and tips are all displayed.

      I have checked my NotePro.ini file to verify that it is not read-only, and that changes made to it will in fact be saved; both of these factors seem to be fine. It has been suggested that I need to edit this file, e.g., add the line "ShowTips=0". It looks like I can do this, but the file itself appears to be missing a portion of it's normal data; the only info displayed are four HTML settings (doctype, charset, etc.) under the heading "[ClipValues]", and seems to have been generated while I was demonstrating NT's HTML capabilities to a co-worker.

      Unfortunately, I know very little about working with .ini files, and don't know how to go about adding additional settings to this one. It does not appear to be taking changes automatically (I suspect that my network privileges might be the problem there), so I may need to create the whole thing from scratch. Can anyone offer advice, or point me to any good online resources? I don't know if cutting and pasting someone else's NotePro.ini contents into my own would work, but I'd be willing to give that a try as well...

      Thanks again!

      - Eric

      Eric A. Rowe
      Kastle Systems, L.L.C.
      Security Operations Programmer

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      Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 20:39:14 -0000
      From: "Eric Anders Rowe" <earowe@...>
      Subject: NT Pro v4.92 minor bug

      Hi folks,

      I just installed NoteTab Pro v4.92, and I'm having some difficulty
      with a minor bug. I've spoken to tech support a bit, but have not yet
      been able to track down the problem.

      Whenever NoteTab is started, the application loads the three 'read
      me/what's new' documents, and sets itself to default preferences
      instead of my custom settings; also, the 'tip of the day' always
      appears, even though I always uncheck the 'show tips on startup'
      checkbox. In essence, each time I start the application, it is as
      though I'd never run it before. Very puzzling...

      This is running under XP Pro version 2002, Service Pack 1, on a
      plain-vanilla Dell workstation. Running NT Light had been giving me
      the same bug on this machine, although Light had previously been
      working fine on my older NT4.0 Micron.

      I'm leaning toward either a hardware issue, or (more likely), an issue
      with XP Pro, with which I'm relatively inexperienced. Anyone seen this


      - Eric

      Eric A. Rowe
      Kastle Systems, L.L.C.
      Security Operations Programmer
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