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Re: [NTO] View "Thumbnails" Option in Win98

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  • Ray Shapp
    Hi Fay and mcmaier, This didn t help, but... does look promising. Downloading now.
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 11, 2003
      Hi Fay and mcmaier,

      <<have all folders "shown as web pages">>

      This didn't help, but... <<Get a copy of Irfan View >> does look promising.
      Downloading now.

      <<When you see the Properties dialog box for the folder, select the Enable
      Thumbnail View check box.>>

      This works on a folder-by-folder basis for all folders I have tried (except
      C:\). That's good enough for my needs, but I do intend to give Irfan a try.
      BTW, I found that it was necessary to close the folder after setting the
      Enable function before Thumbnails became an available option for that folder.

      Problem solved. Thank you for the help! My next step is to purchase Easy

      Ray Shapp
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