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Re: [NTO] looking for a text search utility

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  • Alec Burgess
    Dean: Two (free) programs that might be worth checking out: 2001-12-01 05:01 Agent Ransack (src=ZDnet) Agent Ransack is a great, free searching tool that gives
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2003

      Two (free) programs that might be worth checking out:

      2001-12-01 05:01 Agent Ransack (src=ZDnet) Agent Ransack is a great, free
      searching tool that gives you exceedingly sophisticated search tools, and
      will also let you look inside files for your search results without having
      to open the file itself. Better yet--it's free. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

      Never used this one

      2002-09-05 13:46 (Thu) WanyWord v. 3.00 (src=NtbList-Hugo) (Wanyw300.zip)
      TextSearcher with BOOLEAN and NEAR Operators ANSI/OEM conversion Edits found
      files and can be used as a cardfiler http://home4.inet.tele.dk/jensguld/

      There is now a new version since I'd last used this. I'm checking it out
      now. (Prev. version w/Win2K would located all the hits but not position the
      cursor/window - made it *really* to use!)

      From the site:
      >>If you merely need to search for two words or word combinations within a
      few files or directories, you don't need WanyWord. Windows 9x built-in
      search program will do the job. But if this is not enough, if you must find
      not just the haystack but also the needle in it and want to search for words
      within a sentence, a line or a page, WanyWord is is all you need (but read
      about the COMPETITORS).
      If you want to study the Bible or Shakespeare, there are CD-ROMs with search
      programs. But those programs can only be used for the text(s) on those
      CD-ROMs. WanyWord can be used for any text anywhere and by anybody. There
      are no copyright problems. Schools and libraries with small or nonexistent
      budgets may therefore find it of interest.
      Also if the database program you use to store odds and ends is not quite
      what you want, WanyWord is worth a look. A number of freeform database
      programs can store odds and ends, the problem is that they assume that you
      think and work like the programmers who wrote them. If you do, look no
      further, you are in luck. If not, WanyWord may be what you need, for
      WanyWord does not assume anything about your little grey cells or your work
      habits. It simply assumes that there is text (preferably ASCII) and that it
      is found in a file, in a page, in a line or within a sentence. WanyWord can
      find text within any kind of file (except ZIP files and other compressed
      files), but it can only show ASCII, RTF and HTM text and it can show only
      text. It is however possible to start an appropiate viewer/editor from
      within WanyWord and WanyWord understands OLE.
      I have been informed by a user that WanyWord displays files in Unix as well
      as DOS format, but I have not seen it with my own eyes. UNIX End-of-Lines
      are different from those in DOS and Windows, so there must be some

      You might also have a look at "Find from Idealab" which (at around $49) does
      full disk indexing of all text type files, in additon to email (email-only
      around $29) http://www.idealab.com/
      The email search is already indispensible to me - the files indexing still
      has problems, but I live in hope that real-soon-now they'll lick the
      problems. Apparently it does work well for some.

      Regards ... Alec

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      > I'd like to find a program that will let me build a
      > library of text, perhaps also html or rtf files, or
      > specify a folder where such files exist. the program
      > would give me a variety of search options, but one of
      > them would be a sentence-based search, where, if I put in
      > two or more words or phrases, a hit would result only if
      > the search terms appeared in the same sentence.
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