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Re: [NTO] JS Mailto:

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  • Ed Brown
    Thanks, that explains it perfectly. But I sure would like to do that. But I understand why we can t Ed ... From: loro To:
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 10, 2003
      Thanks, that explains it perfectly. But I sure would like to do that. But I
      understand why we can't
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      Hi Ed,

      >Thanks to all of those who replied, I have the JS for those I wish to get
      >email when the email is clicked, with one exception. I would like to send
      >the third address as a bcc or blind cc. Here is what I have at the
      >So how do I change the (;) after #7 to where the next address will go in
      >blind cc instead of the cc? I tried (?bcc) and it did not work, at least
      >the way that I had it written.

      That means you email client works properly. Email clients *should* ignore
      BCC in mailto URL's.
      A mail client should never send anything without complete disclosure to the
      user of what is will be sent; it should disclose not only the message
      destination, but also any headers. Unrecognized headers, or headers with
      values inconsistent with those the mail client would normally send should
      be especially suspect. MIME headers (MIME- Version, Content-*) are most
      likely inappropriate, as are those relating to routing (From, Bcc,
      Apparently-To, etc.)

      Note that some headers are inherently unsafe to include in a message
      generated from a URL. For example, headers such as "From:", "Bcc:", and so
      on, should never be interpreted from a URL. In general, the fewer headers
      interpreted from the URL, the less likely it is that a sending agent will
      create an unsafe message."


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