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Re: [NTO] security question

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  • alice ttlg - koyaanisqatsi
    ... Anyone can spoof someone else s address in the From field, that does not require any access to the person s computer or to their email account, it s just a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2003
      Dean Martineau wrote:
      > A friend tells me that her email address has apparently been
      > spoofed. She is getting messages from people quoting messages sent
      > from her address that she didn't send.

      Anyone can spoof someone else's address in the From field, that does
      not require any access to the person's computer or to their email
      account, it's just a function of entering the address in a box in the
      email program. It's particulary simple if you're using Outlook
      Express or Eudora or just about any popular email program and it only
      requires that your ISP doesn't check the From field for an address
      provided by the ISP.

      I use OE and I can put *any* email address, yours, Jody's, or
      something like GeorgeWBush@... and send it out and if the
      recipient only looks at the From address, they'll think it's from you,
      Jody or the President. And it doesn't matter what email program or
      firewall you or Jody or the President uses, it's what I'm using that
      makes me able to spoof someone else's address.

      So all it means is someone else has an email program like OE or Eudora
      and they're putting your friend's email address in the From field and
      sending out messages and the recipients are just looking at the From
      field and thinking it's from your friend. If they examined the full
      headers of those emails, they could trace it back to the ISP of the
      real person who sent the email.

      alice ttlg

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