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Re: [NTO] System Restore in XP

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  • Brian Binder
    Sorry about my messages being wrapped weird. I m testing out Mozilla s quoting skills. I love Mozilla, but don t use quoted text much. Just trying to get the
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 30, 2003
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      Sorry about my messages being wrapped weird. I'm testing out Mozilla's
      quoting skills.
      I love Mozilla, but don't use quoted text much. Just trying to get the
      hag of it! :P

      Ray Shapp wrote:

      > Of course, those are fall-back options. I was hoping someone had a ready
      > reference for finding targeted info on the System Restore function.

      It serves about the same purpose as it did in Windows Me. When
      Microsoft saw that Roxio (Adaptec)
      was doing good with "GoBack", it decided to make it a part of the
      operating system.

      Doesn't surprise me, look at what they did with ZIP folders!

      The more they add, the more money they get from consumers because of the
      functionality. Anyways, on with a little more detail on System Restore
      from Microsoft.

      This is one article that should give a pretty good (and detailed) overview:

      > You did answer my question about BIOS roll-back. Thank you very
      > much. I was
      > afraid SR would be unable to restore an updated BIOS. I will download
      > a fresh
      > copy of my current BIOS before I install the update.
      > This machine is only a week old and it is under warranty. I did phone
      > Dell
      > Tech Support once already about this machine and I have called them at
      > least a
      > dozen times during the past few years about other computers. My
      > experience is
      > that I get wrong or misleading or incomplete answers from a live support
      > person just as often as I get anyone who really helps. Direct access
      > to their
      > Knowledge Base is often more useful, and it is always faster (I
      > haven't opted
      > to pay for premium access to Tech Supp).

      Tech support for Dell has really gone down the tube from every single
      person that I talk to or email. This
      is really a topic of its own. Just remember, the economy is getting
      worse and worse, especially for techs.
      You either have warm bodies getting paid nothing for their help (95%),
      or you get people with experience
      that have been doing it for years, have seen exactly what you are
      describing, etc. (5%)

      > Folks like you, Brian and many others on this forum have been most
      > helpful.

      Thanx from me (and I'm sure everyone else); I love helping out when I
      can. I sign up on boards and stuff
      just to help out and gain more knowledge. I am very surprised that the
      NoteTab list users even discuss these
      things. Expert-Exchange.com is a place I help people out. Lockergnome
      forums are another. There's so
      much information out there!

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