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Re: [NTB] FYI: Notetab_PDF_w_Enhanced_Indexes posted

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  • Alec Burgess
    (moved to off-Topic) ... None I noticed. I ve put Favorites that point to your two PDF documents (Ppro and Notetab) in Keynote. Double-clicking on either one
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2003
      (moved to off-Topic)

      > I take it there was no
      > problem with the Notetab file? Hopefully I did it before I started
      > trying to autoload a catalog with a pdf file.

      None I noticed.

      I've put "Favorites" that point to your two PDF documents (Ppro and Notetab)
      in Keynote. Double-clicking on either one gives gives cross document access
      to both via the search. Works great as I usually have Keynote open.

      I noticed that you've included a common readme.txt in both that explains how
      to set them up on the user's computer. Maybe at some point you could include
      a "tech notes" section describing what you've found works for producing

      Ulterior motive: DOpus file manager http://www.gpsoft.com.au/ has CHM-style
      Help documentation but also includes two PDF documents in their distro:
      First is a very comprehensive manual which includes overviews and themed
      artictles not found in the regular help, second is a detailed "What's new".
      I'd like to get them to produce indexes to these two in the same way you've

      > Assembling the Cliphelp into one document may not work too well, I
      > think internal linkages will be broken. However I will look into it
      > when I get a chance.

      When I installed Ntab 4.92 your indexed clip-help CHM got replaced with an
      earlier version but as Eric puts all overwritten files in ...\Backup\... it
      was easy to recover once I realized what I'd done (and where a modified
      Topstyle clpbar with a link to Dreamweaver had gone ;-) )

      Regards ... Alec

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      > Thanks Alec,
      > I wasn't sure if anyone had tried it or not. I recently discovered
      > something I was doing was requiring the acrobat catalog file to be in
      > a fixed location (at least it appeared so...).>
      > Yes, the Acrobat Reader searches across documents based on multiple
      > indexes. You can control which indexes are loaded at any given time.
      > There are also options that would allow you to see the number of hits
      > in each document.
      > These files are not difficult to create. The only time-consuming part
      > has related to the document indexes, not the acrobat catalogs.
      > Making acrobat catalogs can be tedious though, because if you
      > subsequently make "any" change to the pdf, the catalog file thinks
      > its out of date. "Updating" the catalog doubles its size, so in those
      > situations I've chosen to delete the catalog and start over.
      > Regards,
      > Sheri
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