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RE: [NTO] WinME vs WinXP?

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  • Brian Binder
    If I missed a post on this, sorry. The one thing I think that you all are missing the point on is XP s security. If your stability is a fair trade, then
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 7, 2003
      If I missed a post on this, sorry.

      The one thing I think that you all are missing the point on is XP's

      If your stability is a fair trade, then disregard this email.

      Personally, I don't like M$ seeing everything I am doing and tracking
      all my information.

      The stability and compatibility is great, yes - but you guys are giving
      up your privacy!

      I thought that was important to everyone? Am I mistaken?

      With the introduction of XP, MS left all backdoors open so others could
      watch what you are doing.

      And by installing SP1 for XP, you give MS consent to do this!

      Same with 2000. Nice and stable, but by installing SP3 for it, you are
      giving M$ the right to inspect your system whenever they want to.

      I am forced to deal with Windows on a daily basis, but I would surely
      use Linux for myself.

      Xandros is a great OS for people to use instead of Windows.

      I'm not asking you to change your OS and start all over, but if your
      privacy is important, an upgrade to XP will absolutely NOT be in your
      future because of its privacy issues and security flaws.

      Don't think that simply by doing updates you are protected from the
      flaws of XP, especially if you are on a broadband connection.

      Just fair warning!


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      WinXP is the winner, hands down.

      I was surprised to hear that someone is actually still using 98 or it's
      glorified version ME. :-)

      XP finally does what Windows was supposed to do since it's inception.

      There are a couple of cautions though before you jump into the deep end.

      Make sure she has at least 128MB of RAM. XP will work with less but it
      slows it down quite a bit.

      Make sure that she has plenty of free disk space. Disk space is so cheap
      today that XP uses it like you have an unlimited amount. If disk space
      is tight you will want to consider turning off the System Restore
      feature but I wouldn't unless it was absolutely necessary.

      The home version is okay for some people but it does not have all of the
      features of the Pro version. If she is going to run Office, or a LAN
      etc. I would recommend spending the little bit extra and putting XP Pro
      on for her. You might want to check the feature differences to be
      certain that you get what she needs.

      If you have any XP specific questions, don't hesitate to post me



      At 05:04 PM 1/5/2003 -0600, you wrote:
      >I'm going to be building my mom a new computer shortly and I think
      >moving her off Win98. So what's the opinions on what's more stable,
      easier to
      >use, and friendly to things like Office 2000 and Quicken and games and
      >programs for her granddaughter?
      >I ruled out Win2kPro because I know it can't run some of the stuff that
      >wants to put on for her granddaughter. So it has to be either WinME or
      >(or stay with Win98).

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