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Re: [NTO] Who is moderating these days?

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  • Gossie
    Jody, I was messing with you Wasn t being serious at all, about the letting someone else do it comment. At one time, you wanted to do it all, but you
    Message 1 of 16 , Jan 5, 2003
      Jody, I was messing with you <G> Wasn't being serious at all, about the
      'letting someone else do it" comment. At one time, you wanted to do it
      all, but you finally got some sense and delegated. ROFL

      As far as the porn stuff, I'm surprised, there isn't that much, probably
      cuz you do deny it, however, if you want to stop doing that, I can take
      care of that part. Cuz I do go in manually about once a week and approve
      or delete, depending on what it is. It will save you a couple of extra
      keystrokes. I admit I don't do as much as I used to. I'm just tired all
      the time (comes from dad wanting to go out every single day and I do the
      driving, it's amazing how tired you get just driving, LOL). BTW, add me to
      the clean funnies and make me moderator, I don't have that one on here. I
      don't read them, but I sure can moderate them like I do everything else. <G>

      Was Walmart open Xmas eve? It usually is here. At least they used to do
      it when I worked there.

      I remember checking out my outbox once and having to send something that
      had been sitting there 9 months. Well, I didn't really have to send it,
      but it let's others know for sure that you didn't forget them, you just
      forgot to send it. LOL


      At 02:21 PM 1/5/2003 -0600, you wrote:

      >Hi Cindy,
      >(I found this in my Out box not mailed.;)
      > >Julie does a great job of moderating, but I sure am surprised
      > >Jody even let her do it. He likes to do everything himself, even
      > >if it means he falls asleep in front of the computer. (big grin)
      >I really didn't mind doing it all, but so many lists and list
      >members coupled with others things to do, it just got to be too
      >much for me. My latest project is clean-funnies.com and hope to
      >soon have it completely finished for now ;) very soon; "For
      >Immediate Release." :) I just have some minor touch up and
      >glitch fixes.
      >I recently bought:
      >fookes.us, sojourner.us, sojourners-software.com, but haven't
      >done anything with them yet - some year. <g>
      >and then, there are others that are kind of just there. ;)
      >http://home.earthlink.net/~av1611 <-- just there <g>
      >http://home.earthlink.net/~testbed <-- For my testing
      >http://home.earthlink.net/~weddinggowns <-- My wife's
      > >Mainly because us moderating what goes in, prevents porno [and
      > >other SPAM] arriving from our NoteTab groups to your email box.
      > >It stops at the group, and I go in manually about once a week and
      > >delete...
      >Thanks! I just deny the posts and don't get around to going to
      >yahoogroups figuring that it is suppose to be deleting when I
      >reject the post. I don't always reject them, but simply delete
      >them, hence the yahoogroups pile up.
      > >I wish everyone here a Merry Christmas, and hope that you have all your
      > >Christmas shopping done. Well??? Have you? I sure don't.
      >Of course not; I'm a man. I hope Walmart is open Christmas eve. <g>
      >See ya,
      >Do you know where you will spend eternity?
      >Ask me for the scripture below if you want
      >to know what it says.
      >Rom. 3:23; 6:23; Eph. 2:8-9; 1Cor. 15:3-4
      >Acts 16:30-31, 27:25; Prov. 3:5-7; 4:23
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