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Re: [NTO] UAS - UltimaShell (was: [NH] re: UPDATE WEB SITE ISSUE)

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  • Jody
    Hi Alec, Sorry for the late reply. Been more than swamped! ... Ah, so others do get caught. LOL It s a real ARGHer. ... I don t think I ve run into that. I
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 10, 2002
      Hi Alec,

      Sorry for the late reply. Been more than swamped!

      >> (That is one of *my* problems using UAS when typing in a number I
      >> forget at times to hit my ESC key. When I type a number the
      >> associated line in the UAS popup gets added to what I am typing
      >> instead of the actual number. <g>)
      >The number of times I've tried to type "Win2K" and had it come
      >out "WindowsK"!

      Ah, so others do get caught. LOL It's a real ARGHer.

      >Do you also have the problem that if you have the UAS popup
      >follow the cursor, it keeps winding up under the mouse pointer
      >making it neccessary to move the mouse or hit an extra <esc> to
      >shake it loose? I've wound up fixing the popup somewhere in the
      >upper right, so its not normally interfering with my mouse
      >pointer, but the downside is that I'm less likely to see words I
      >could type a number to get instead of typing the whole word.

      I don't think I've run into that. I like it right where my
      cursor is at. I have Enter as my Popup delimiter so to speak so
      I do get "hit" when at the EOL and happen to hit Enter for one
      reason or another. It does take quit a bit to get use to, but
      once I did, it really saves this non-typist a lot of time.
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