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Re: [NTB] Wake Up Printer

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  • hsavage
    ... applications ... irretrievable ... Ray, I ll respond here but lets take this OffTopic, it s not directly related to NoteTab usability. Yes, that may help,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2002
      > Ray Shapp wrote:
      > Hi HRS,
      > That's definitely a possibility. If I were to close some big
      > without re-booting, would that wake up a hung printer, or is it
      > once the printer freezes?
      > Thanks for the insight.
      > Ray Shapp
      > Watchung, NJ


      I'll respond here but lets take this OffTopic, it's not directly related
      to NoteTab usability.

      Yes, that may help, also opening and closing one or two other
      applications might help. It's kind of like memory CPR, kick it around
      to get it going again.

      Other items I recall helping: If this applies, You don't need the memory
      resident -printer control interface icon- in your tray, the printer
      starts just fine without it, and, if you're using a mouse control that
      adds an icon to the system tray you don't need that either.

      One thing you may lose, though not necessarily so, is mouse wheel
      scrolling, small price to pay for not having to reboot several times a day.

      One other, seemingly counter-productive item. I use a memory utility
      called RamIdle, there are others. Ramidle have a choice of what to
      display in the system tray and I display a resource meter.

      By getting used to and using the resource meter count you can watch for
      the critical percentage area and try the memory CPR methods before you
      actually start having too much trouble.

      Although I'm not the greatest of MS fans, I've been told that XP, for
      the most part, solves the resource problem.

      Zdnet has a nice gui utility, StartCop, to show and let you control most
      of the things you have running in the background, You can temporarily
      disable, or, remove these items from the Startup menu. Here's the link.


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