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Any Japanese/C++ speakers out there?

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  • Greg Chapman
    Hi Gang! I ve been looking for a small POP3 mail client to cart around on a floppy. I think I ve found something with great potential in nPOP
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2002
      Hi Gang!

      I've been looking for a small POP3 mail client to cart around on a floppy.
      I think I've found something with great potential in nPOP
      (http://www.nakka.com/soft/npop/index_eng.html) It's just an 84k download!

      The trouble, at the moment, is that it's rather full of Japlish! I need
      some Japanese and C++ speakers to help me out! (And hopefully the author

      nPOP is not without it's idiosyncrasies, some I suspect, because it appears
      that the PC platform was bottom of the support list, after pocket PCs and

      The missing feature that really jumps out at me is no facility to Forward
      mail! However, there's lots there, and clearly lots more planned. Glancing
      through the *.ini file and C++ code (only a 372kb ZIP) I can see there are
      plans for external editors (My excuse for posting this on the NoteTab list!)
      and viewers (perhaps implemented already on the non-PC platforms?) etc.

      I have written to the author and am waiting to see if he can understand
      English enough to respond. Fearing that he may not, I have also set up a
      yahoogroup (Join with a mail to
      mailto:npopsupport-subscribe@yahoogroups.com) where, hopefully, someone out
      there can interpret the Japlish for me - and others!

      To tempt you, the nPOP home page lists its features as:

      Receive E-Mail (POP3 and APOP)
      Send Mail (SMTP and SMTP-AUTH and POP before SMTP)
      User specified ports for POP3 and SMTP
      Multi-account support (round reception is possible)
      Automatic check for new mail
      Mail is saved in a message box.
      A thread display of the mail list
      Support for attachments when sending and receiving e-mail (RFC 2231)
      Filters for Routing Received E-Mail
      Simple address book
      Dial-up management

      Anyone care to join me in the support forum?

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