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Browser.dat - browser_dat.ini and hard-links (possible?)

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  • Alec Burgess
    NoteTabbers, Windows and Unix/Linux gurus: I ve recently run into two instances where I ve wished that certain text INI-like files were of type INI. I ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22 1:31 PM
      NoteTabbers, Windows and Unix/Linux gurus:

      I've recently run into two instances where I've wished that certain text "INI-like" files were of type INI.

      I've been trying to reorganize the structure of the way I have my C:\Program Files\...\<program_name>\.... hierarchies setup.

      There is a wonderful program from PCMag: COA2 (Change Of Address) that can be used to move program folders (or files) from one location to another - basically you give it a current and a new location:

      C:\Program Files\Notetab\ and
      C:\Program Files\Editors\Notetab\

      C:\Program Files\MyIE and
      C:\Program Files\Browsers\MyIE\

      then move the folder from OLD LOCATION to NEW LOCATION
      now run COA2 and it will chase down ALL references in the Registry, other shortcuts or any INI file on your system and change the old reference to the new reference (writing a log record that can be reviewed later)

      Works great ... but ...
      Files like "browsers.dat" and other apps' INI-like files (eg. File Open/Save enhancers that keep all there MRU-lists in OTHER than the Registry or files of type INI) don't get processed by COA2.

      Solution: maybe? When I used to use Unix (back before Linus Torvaald (sp?) had got out of junior high ;-) there was a useful concept called hard links. Basically, the file system could be given two references to the same file and would handle either as if it were the TRUE file. Similar to shortcuts.lnk (which I think Unix calls symbolic links) but with important distinctions.

      What I'd like to do is set up hard links to files like browser.dat as "browser_dat.ini" so that COA2 and (possibly) other programs (Like InstallRite) which will monitor changes to INI files can be made to behave the way I want them to ... rather than the way the programmer wanted them to behave.

      I'd forgotten all about Hard Links vx. Symbolic links until I read somewhere about them being supported on NTFS file systems (usually WinNT/2K/XP) and also (in a different manner?) on FAT32 systems (usually Win9x/ME).

      Before I go trying to chase down references with Google does anyone know anything about whether this is possible, have any experience with trying something like this, or have any words of advice on a different approach.

      YOUR COMMENTS, ADVICE etc are invited!

      Since I'd already gone ahead and made a number of these changes :-( before realizing the problems I was going to bring upon myself my workaround is going to be to use Notetab disk s&r or more likely BK-ReplaceEm on the files that are no longer correct.

      Regards ... Alec

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