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Re: [Clip] Re: Visual RegExp wow!

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  • Alec Burgess
    Sheri, John (et all)... (I m copying this to Off-topic) John, those look like the same numbers I ve got. (Visual_Regex itself is a whopping 112 KB ;-) ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2002
      Sheri, John (et all)... (I'm copying this to Off-topic)

      John, those look like the same numbers I've got.
      (Visual_Regex itself is a "whopping" 112 KB ;-)

      Sherri said:
      > > How much disk space is required? I've already got
      more learning
      > > projects than I can cope with at the moment (some of
      which is thanks
      > > to you lol <g>) but by making it sound simple to use
      you're tempting
      > > me.

      Talk to me about it !!! On my 4.02 GB HDD I run somewhere
      between 80 MB and 110 MB free depending on whether I've
      done DiskClean in the last hour or the last two days.
      I've got TIF set to 5 MB (with cable, TIF cache is about
      the biggest waste of disk going! and the ONLY thing that
      ever gets into Recycle is stuff I forget to hold the
      Shift-key down on. (I've got an 18 GB drive sitting on a
      new (permanent loan from my non-technical brother) Win2K
      laptop that I can't make use of yet because I haven't got
      an ADMIN password and hence have been unable to get on
      the internet with and (as yet) unable to set up a Direct
      Cable Connection (directcc.exe) connection with the small
      Win98 laptop!

      A couple of tools you might find worthwhile for squeezing
      the last bit of use out your available hard-disk. All of
      these can be found I think by just googling:

      Disk cleaning: SuperCleaner and DiskState (both
      shareware, there are perfectly good freeware
      SuperCleaner: http://www.southbaypc.com/SuperCleaner/
      DiskState: http://geekcorp.com/diskstate/getit.php

      Disk Use Visualization: (all three of these are freeware)

      DiskPieView (from PCmag), Pie view, shows twenty largest
      subfolders: also has graph be file-type and separate
      report pop-ups of 20 largest folders and 20 largest files
      with a folder of disk.

      DirGraph - this one goes arbitrarily deep in a folder
      structure showing relative sizes.

      Both these go on your "Explorer rightContext menu" for
      disks, and folders.

      Scanner: This one gives a really nice view of your whole
      disk with each level arranged as concentric circles. It
      is really good for finding large areas of disk that are
      being "wasted"

      DiskPie View:
      DirGraph: http://www.spillett.net/dirgraph/

      Note: "scanner" is a LOUSY name for a program! To make it
      come near the top in a Google search I had to use a bunch
      of extra qualifiers:
      "scanner download program size usage pie"

      Regards ... Alec
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