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Re: [NTO] Diddling with the registery

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  • Ed Brown
    Alec, Larry and all the others who provided infromation, thanks so very much, it was just what I was looking for. Ed ... From: Alec Burgess
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 26, 2002
      Alec, Larry and all the others who provided infromation, thanks so very
      much, it was just what I was looking for.
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      From: "Alec Burgess" <burale@...>
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      Subject: Re: [NTO] Diddling with the registery

      Ed Brown <edbrown@...> said on 25 July, 2002

      > Hi All,
      > Does anyone know of an instruction book or web site
      > teaches you how to make changes in your registery and
      > upset your computer? That is one that I do not want to
      > trial and error. <g> Ed

      I'd recommend:

      It has a free download that gives you a nicely formatted
      (CHM-help style) list of almost all the tweaks you'll
      ever want to perform. At the end of the "help" file it's
      got very well-written descriptions of what the Regisry
      is, and how to make changes to it, and explanations of
      how to make sure you're making "good" backups and how to
      restore from them if required.

      One suggestion - if you haven't already (I waited until I
      had too - and fortunately got lucky): Make one or two
      innocuous tweaks and then do a recovery, verify they've
      been undone - just so you'll know what to do if you HAVE
      to do it.

      Some very useful free Registry-oriented programs
      available from PCMag:

      Utilities From A-Z
      Can't find the utility you're looking for? Browse through
      our alphabetical list of utilities from the past 5 years.

      Registry Detective: (fantastic search tool for finding
      stuff in the registry)

      RegEditPlus: (integrates with Registry Detective - allows
      "safe edit" with undo's and favorites) (this is the only
      one that is not as yet Win2K/WinXP compatible)

      RegistryRobot: (similar to TweakUI but has a very nice
      UNDO feature and shows you the KeyNames of the changes
      you're considering. Supports Undo making registry
      tweaking almost as "idiot-proof" as its possible to
      be;-). You can "copy" a key-name to the clipboard and
      then use RegEditPlus to go right to it and see what else
      is "nearby")

      ContextEdit: (very nice tool for taking control of file
      associations and right context menus)

      Inctrl5: (allows you to track and audit changes made to
      Registry and files by installing downloaded programs - ca
      n also be used to "sniff out" where changes are being
      made by control panel programs and/or nasty-ware (eg.
      Real Player ;-)

      Regards ... Alec

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