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Re: was Re: [NTO] Unicode / UTF-8 -- new: empty HTML tags

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  • LaurieK
    Mike wrote and I quote because I feel it will significantly outline my point ... content ... there ... but ... space ... Funny you mention
    Message 1 of 2 , May 23, 2002
      Mike wrote and I quote because I feel it will significantly outline my point
      > The correct tag IS <br />.
      > The BREAK tag is an "empty" HTML tag -- it has no
      > structure, just a single declaration. In the XHTML format these tags MUST
      > have an included slash character at the end of the tag to signify that
      > is no seperate closing tag. In plain HTML there MAY be a closing slash,
      > it is not required.
      > An empty tag may contain attributes such as source, size, etc., but no
      > seperate <"/end"> tag is needed or allowed.
      > Also, the HTML standard allows tags to be capitalized or lower case. The
      > XHTML requires lower case.
      > Other examples include <img />, <area />, <base />, <hr />. (Note the
      > before the slash character.)

      Funny you mention XML (well you said XHTML) because this Vault program has
      the option to export as txt, html or xml....the <<br /> tag must be the xml
      influence. And sometimes I appear dumber than I look :) Thanks for
      noting the lack of an open and close for a break... DUH ME... gosh I knew
      that... I feel like an idiot (there I go, being human again....geesh I hate
      that hehehe)

      Anyway, as I think I posted, I did hear from the author of the Vault program
      which I am exporting this data from (see www.personalmicrocosms.com) and he
      said the files are exported in UTF-16??? Well the NoteTab problem of fhe
      documents appearing to be write protected was solved earlier today or was it
      just before I went to bed last night... there is a setting in Options >
      General I believe, to protect unicode files, unchecking this option allowed
      me to edit them.

      HOWEVER, once it was edited and had what I THOUGHT was the answer, I again
      tried in FrontPage to open these files and still go hit with the error
      message (and I did follow the frontpage instruction to use International
      Language one time and it worked, tonight it did not) but the author told me
      of a program he offers as freeware, HTML Editor. This is a WYSIWYG HTML
      editor, no frills, just a split screen, code on the left, document on the
      right.... kinda cool.... THE KEY is a FILE Menu option to select MBCS
      (Multi Byte Character Set) I selected this and saved the file as is, no
      editing and Frontpage is happy.

      I LOVE NOTE TAB, I use it every single solitary day, it is my ROCK of
      Gibraltar...(did I spell Gibraltar right?) but Vault is my other, GOT TO
      HAVE program. I don't use very many ALL the time, but NTB and Vault are two
      definites for EVERY DAY ALL THE TIME.

      Ok, I'll stop the bus here and get off...thanks to everyone who helped to
      shed some light on this perplexing dilema I was in....

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