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RE: [NTO] Where is the registry hidden?

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  • Christopher J. & Jo-Ann J. Spilker
    Raimund, I am using Windows 98SE and the registry can be accessed via Start Run Regedit and O.K. button. Once there, use the Registry Export and a dialog
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 29, 2002

      I am using Windows 98SE and the registry can be accessed via
      Start\Run\Regedit and "O.K." button. Once there, use the
      Registry\Export and a dialog box opens, choose an appropriate
      name and drive/folder location for it, ensure the Export Range
      "ALL" is checked and select "Save". Depending on your registry
      size, it can take a few seconds to save it.

      The registry filename is automatically suffixed with ".reg".
      So, if you ever want to fall back to that {FULL} registry, go to
      where you stored this file and double-click on it. It will merge
      and tell you when it is done. This assumes, of course, that
      Windows is running. Once finished (merged), you HAVE to reboot
      your P.C. for it to take effect.

      If you know how to use a ZIP program, you can drastically
      reduce the file size of the saved registry to conserve disk
      space. I routinely back up {save} my full registry once a week,
      both on the computer and a back-up CD-R\CD-RW.

      I hope this helps you.

      Christopher J. Spilker
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