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File Associations (was Re: [NTB] icon question)

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  • Alec Burgess
    Ray (I moved this to Off-topic and copied you personally just in case ;--) ... associations? ... it ... For a better way to change and/or check file
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      Ray (I moved this to Off-topic and copied you personally just in case ;--)

      > Is there any way to see a listing of all extensions that have
      > The File Types screen shows extensions for each registered file type, but
      > does so one type at a time.
      > Sorry for such a long message, but this is maddening!

      For a better way to change and/or check file associations than Explorer |
      ... Folder Options | File Types, get one or both of:
      http://www.pcmag.com/article/0,2997,s%253D1478%2526a%253D6619,00.asp (may
      Freedom Of Association:
      (both from PCMag - you will have to register with them)

      I used to have problems with icons for text file "wandering" apparently
      randomly (Win98). X-teq setup ( http://www.xteq.com/ ) has an option to
      specify the size of the Shelliconcache file. I set mine to 1000 (I think the
      default was 512) and the problems have not reoccurred. Here's what their
      comments say about this option:

      >>Every icon accessed by Windows is cached in the file 'ShellIconCache'. If
      this file exists, Windows reads the icons from the cache instead of
      searching for the actual files, which speeds up access time significantly,
      especially at bootup.

      In certain cases a (too) small cache size leads to an incorrect display of
      some icons.

      This setting specifies how many icons should be cached, the default value
      (also the minimum) is 500 icons, and theoretical maximum is 2000, but on
      some systems it is possible to increase this number up to 8000.

      You need to restart your computer if you change this setting, and sometimes
      more than once, until the new icon cache 'catches on'. :<<

      Regards ... Alec
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