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Re: [NTO] Interesting Idea

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  • Larry Hamilton
    I LOVE IT!!! ... From: Len To: Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2002 10:31 AM Subject: [NTO] Interesting
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      I LOVE IT!!!

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      From: "Len" <ntpandme@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2002 10:31 AM
      Subject: [NTO] Interesting Idea

      > Hello All;
      > I received this from my daughter. :-))
      > When you get ads in your phone or utility bill,
      > include them with the payment. Let them throw it away.
      > When you get those pre approved letters in the mail for
      > everything from credit cards to 2nd mortgages and junk like
      > that, most of them come with postage paid return envelopes,
      > right?
      > Well, why not get rid of some of your other junk mail
      > and put it in these cool little envelopes!
      > Send an ad for your local chimney cleaner to American Express.
      > Or a pizza coupon to Citibank. If you didn't get anything else
      > that day, then just send them their application back!
      > If you want to remain anonymous, just make sure your name isn't
      > on anything you send them. You can send it back empty if you
      > want to just to keep them guessing!
      > Eventually, the banks and credit card companies will begin
      > getting all their junk back in the mail.
      > Let's let them know what it's like to get junk mail, and best
      > of all THEY'RE paying for it! Twice!
      > Let's help keep our postal service busy since they say e-mail
      > is cutting into their business, and that's why they need to
      > increase postage again!
      > Send this to a friend or two or three...or fifty....
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