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Fw: Big reinstall

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  • Adrian Worsfold
    I did send this privately, but your email address came up as disabled or discontinued (?) To: akshay21@yahoo.com From: adrianj@worsfold98.freeserve.co.uk
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2002
      I did send this privately, but your email address came up as disabled or discontinued

      To: akshay21@...
      From: adrianj@... <Adrian Worsfold>
      Subject: Big reinstall
      Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 21:21:46 +0000

      Hello Ash

      It was Windows 95 from the start all over again. I was consulting the Note tab Off topic
      list (eentually) about the loss of reliable opening and saving first discovered in Note Tab
      (it spread, or was elsewhere). There were various replies including the installation of
      dcom.exe from Microsoft to fix a bug in the operating system along with IE4 and
      onwards. Except this behaviour was rather later on than simply Windows 95 plus IE4
      on. In the end the writing was on the wall, I started from scratch, and now the opening
      and saving are reliable and I haven't noticed two windows pop up when pressing the
      browser button. It is said that the two windows is not Note Tab's fault, but it wasn't
      repeated say with Arachnophilia.

      When I reinstalled Windows 95 I put IE4 in first and then IE5.5 in order to have the
      single click single windows options.

      It's a pain but it cleans the computer and means a lot of CDs and floppy disks
      afterwards. It took 4 days for the computer to be sufficiently like it was, and more for
      refinements. Even now software is not yet in that I may come to use, and when I do I'll
      put it in.

      One theory is that when the hard disk becomes more than half full a system ghosting
      error of repetition that we don't see has a detrimental effect on performance and errors
      like these occur.

      Hope it helps, as they say.

      Adrian Worsfold

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