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Re: [NTO] RE: [NTB] windows xp/ access violation on save

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  • Jody
    Hi Jonathan & Richard, It s been awhile so I copied you both... ... I do not know how to increase registry size if it can be done. I just figured Windows
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2002
      Hi Jonathan & Richard,

      It's been awhile so I copied you both...

      >Do I need to increase registry size or something? This only
      >happens with NoteTab.

      I do not know how to increase registry size if it can be done. I
      just figured Windows handles that.

      Are you still having the same problem (access violation) and does
      it happen on the new files or save as when you use the keyboard
      shortcuts? I have not experienced the problem in XP Pro, nor
      have I heard of it happening. I'm not trying to elude that you
      are having them, but there appears to be something on your copy
      of XP.

      I assume you have already tried a new install to a different
      location than the existing one. If not, try that. Oh, with the
      new ini file, does the problem occur after you start making
      changes in your settings or do you run the new one as is?

      Either way, if it is still happening, send me your ini file
      please once the problem starts and please zip it up if not too
      much trouble. ;) Jody@...

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      >Sent: Thursday, 24 January 2002 15:53
      >To: notetab@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: RE: [NTB] windows xp/ access violation on save
      >Hi Richard & Jonathan,
      >Access violations are common from any programs when there is a
      >low resource condition. My suggestion was not meant to be a
      >solution unless it solved the problem. It sounds like that may
      >be the problem. Do you get these errors all the time just after
      >bootup or does it take awhile to appear? If the latter, I would
      >sign up for my NoteTab Off-Topic list to discuss memory issues.
      >Please see my signature line to sign up.
      >>I, too, have been getting this problem on Windows 2000.
      >>Jody's solution was to close NoteTab, rename NotePro.ini, open
      >>NoteTab, close NoteTab, delete the new NotePro.ini file, and
      >>rename the old one as NotePro.ini.
      >>This seems to work for a while; but then I have to repeat the
      >>procedure. I have been doing this regularly every couple days.
      >>I'm frustrated.
      >>Even if I start with a fresh, uncustomized NotePro.ini, the
      >>problem repeats itself in short order.
      >>Help! or I'll uninstall NoteTab Pro 4.86c. That never happened in
      >>earlier versions.
      >>When I try to save a new file or save as a file under a new name,
      >>I get an Access Violation at address 0043662F in module
      >>NotePro.exe. Read of address 0000000004. Once the message box is
      >>dismissed, the save dialog appears as usual and the file can be
      >>It doesn't happen when saving changes to an existing file, only
      >>when trying to create a new one. I'm using 4.86c of Notetab Pro.
      >>any ideas?

      Happy Topics,

      The NoteTab Off-Topic List
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