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Re[4]: [NTB] NoteTabPro pops up when it is not suposed to

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  • Jody
    Hi Jason, Welcome once again - enjoy reading your posts even though we disagree at times. ;) I really don t liking posting back on this thread, but it may
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2001
      Hi Jason,

      Welcome once again - enjoy reading your posts even though we
      disagree at times. ;) I really don't liking posting back on this
      thread, but it may help some on the way I think of why some posts
      should go to a different list.

      I believe it is an OffTopic or maybe even NextRelease list
      Subject:. The reason for me saying that is because it is OS or
      machine associated. There does not seem to be a Windows standard
      for System Tray behavior or possibly, as mentioned, the Windows
      Explorer single click for files may have an effect. I do notice
      that a single click works for me in NoteTab as designed and at
      least my DUN icon in the Tray pops up with a single click. (I do
      have my Windows Explorer set to single click and the classic
      Explorer.) In other words, it is not just a basic question and
      requires a bit of discussion - more than just a simple reply.
      Another thought that came to mind is the applications that when
      you click on the tray icon it the program will come in focus, but
      it also places a button on the Taskbar. If you are wanting a
      different behavior then you need to post that to the ntb-
      NextRelease list or send your request to:

      The way I read Scott's post it is when he clicks on a desktop
      icon that NoteTab pops up, but I cannot figure out if NoteTab
      pops into focus or if the icon disappears from the System Tray.
      If the latter, my guess is a low resource condition in Win98 or
      simply a Windows bug. If the first mentioned above, I cannot
      reproduce the behavior in Win98SE or XP Prom nor have I ever
      heard of it happening ever since we got the option to put NoteTab
      in the System Tray.

      The OffTopic list is copied this post and sign up info is in my
      sigline. ;)

      > >> Jason: The problem is that most apps that require a double-
      > >> click on the system tray also pass that second click through
      > >> to Windows after they have already "denotified" the tray...
      > >>Jody: This should be in Off-topic, but when responding "outside
      > >>the bounds" to something that started in [NTB] I'm not sure if
      >J> When in doubt or if the problem is isolated to a specific computer,
      >J> yes, please post one the OffTopic list. ;)
      >The question asked was (paraphrased) "When I keep NoteTab in the
      >system tray, why does the NoteTab window keep popping up when I
      >double-click to open other programs that reside in the tray next to
      >it" and the answer to that one, as well as the question, are most
      >certainly not off topic for the NoteTab Basic list. I think the
      >Subject line of this thread should be enough of an indicator.
      >Please don't relegate this to an off-topic discussion, because
      >NoteTab's odd tray behaviour (which doubtless exists in other apps,
      >but not most) has been a pet peeve of mine for a while, and is the
      >only reason I find the "system tray" feature of NoteTab useless. The
      >feature would be fantastic if it worked as the majority of other apps:
      >right-click for a pop-up menu, double-click to open the window.
      >Apparently, given the question asked originally, I'm not alone in my
      >Then again... maybe it's just the two of us! ;)
      >(and hello to the list I haven't talked to in a while!)

      Happy Topics,

      The NoteTab Off-Topic List
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