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RE: [NTO] Hard Drive Backup

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  • Bob Janes
    Hi Phil, ... It can be done, it s pretty simple -- though there are a few learning points on the way. The way I suggest you go is to set up a peer-to-peer
    Message 1 of 2 , May 6, 2000
      Hi Phil,

      > My thought is: That hard drive would make a great back up
      > disk. Can this be done? Is there any way to hook it
      > externally to my new machine and use it for a backup?

      It can be done, it's pretty simple -- though there are a few 'learning
      points' on the way.

      The way I suggest you go is to set up a peer-to-peer network. The most basic
      network uses two network cards with BNC connections (round co-ax connectors
      with a bayonet fitting), a length of thin ethernet cable to connect them and
      two terminators to end the network. As someone else said, you can buy the
      parts yourself or get one of the home networking kits.

      To set up thin ethernet you put the cards in the PCs, put a 'T' connector on
      each BNC connector link the cable between the 'T's and put the terminators
      on the other end of the 'T's. In Windows 98 you open up the Network settings
      in Control Panel to: install card drivers (usually plug & play now), give
      each of your PCs a name, install at least one network protocol that is the
      same on both PCs, set up file & print sharing on both. The you can right
      click on the drives you want to share in Explorer and, with luck, you will
      be able to use Network Neighbourhood to see the other PC and copy files
      between the two. The Backup software that comes with Windows will work fine
      across this link.

      I ran a system like this with a PC and a laptop for a while. I later
      migrated to use network hubs (you use Cat 5 cable with RJ45 telephone type
      plugs to connect each PC to the hub rather than running cable just between
      the PCs) to accommodate an ISDN router. Right now I have between 3-4 PCs
      running on a peer to peer network a bit more sophisticated than the basic
      model described above -- but still without a server or any server software!

      Best wishes



      Bob Janes
      Webster & Janes Ltd
      PO Box 211 Welwyn AL6 0EX UK
      +44 (1438) 84-0206
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