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Re: [NTO] clip question

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  • Jody
    Hi Alice, ... Nah... ;) ... This is from Lesson 4LA Lesson Four in my ClipClass. Hopefully, Harvey agrees. Inside joke from another list on the I option.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 12, 2001
      Hi Alice,

      >I guess this is off topic for the off topic

      Nah... ;)

      >^!Replace <head>^P<link <head>^P<meta>^P ACIWS

      This is from Lesson 4LA Lesson Four in my ClipClass. Hopefully,
      Harvey agrees. <bg> Inside joke from another list on the I option.

      ^!Find "Find what" [OPTIONS]
      ^!Replace "Find what" >> "Replace with" [OPTIONS]

      You may have noticed there is no ^!Toolbar in front of the
      commands. The reason for that is if you were to use ^!Toolbar
      Find Text it would bring up the regular Find dialog. That is also
      true with ^!Toolbar Replace Text.

      When you see brackets used in NoteTab's Help file like above it
      means the data inside them is optional. The brackets are not
      actually used in the code. You will see that later in the find
      and replace demonstrations of this lesson. (Do not confuse the
      wizard code ^?[] with optional settings.) Let's first go over the
      options now.

      The letters below represent options to tell NoteTab how you want
      it to search for the criteria you specify. Five of them can be
      found in the regular Toolbar tools. Notice there is one more
      replace option than there is for Find, the option "A" option. I
      will use the descriptions found in NoteTab's Help for the options
      clarifying or adding to them where I think it may make it clearer
      for you. Find and Replace Clips are used quite often, so I
      believe it is important to have a good understanding what the
      options do. It is not so important to try to memorize what
      different options do, but to get an understanding of what they do
      so you can figure them out when you need them.

      Find options: TCIBGWHRS
      Replace options: TCIBGWHRSA

      T: The "T" option says to find the word by itself *or* within a
      larger word. If you search for "dog", then "dog" and the "dog"
      part of "dogmatic" would be found.

      C: Searches for single whole words only. It forces NoteTab to
      find only "dog" but not "dogmatic" when "dog" is searched for.
      This is the Whole Word checkbox in the Find and Replace dialogs.

      If the options T or C are not used, NoteTab will search for whole
      words if the search criterion does not contain spaces or other
      word delimiting characters like tabs. If the search criterion
      contains such delimiters, then NoteTab will accept matches that
      are not whole words. For example, if you were to search for "atic
      when dog" it would find that in "dogmatic when dog" even though
      "atic" is not a word. (If it is, just pretend it is not for the
      sake of my sanity. <g>)

      I: Ignores character case. If "dog" is searched for when the "I"
      option is used both "dog" and "Dog" will be found. Without the
      "I" option only "dog" will be found. This is the Case Sensitive
      checkbox in the Find and Replace dialogs.

      B: Searches backwards. Clips will always search from left to
      right and top to bottom unless this option is used. It is the
      "Up" choice in the Search combobox in the Find and Replace

      G: Global scope; searches through all the open documents.

      W: Searches through the whole document (not just from the cursor
      position). If the cursor is on line 20 in a 100-line document it
      will search by default from line one in the document. (The
      opposite would be true if you added the "B" option to "W" - the
      search would start at line 100.)

      H: Only searches within selection if text is highlighted. If no
      text is selected, then the entire document will be searched. If
      no match is found the selected text stays selected.

      R: Specifies that the search criterion represents a regular
      expression. That is not to say "Howdy" is a regular expression if
      you are from Texas, USA. <g>

      S: NoteTab will not display any of the message boxes normally
      displayed by the Find and Replace dialog.

      A: Used to replace all matched occurrences. When this option is
      not used, only the first match is replaced. This is the same as
      the "Replace All button" on the Replace tool. (This option is
      only available in the Replace command.)

      Equivalents to the Replace tool:

      T is the Whole Words option (When used, does not search for
      whole words only)
      I is the Case Sensitive option (When used case insensitive)
      B is the Search Up option (Absence of "B" is down)
      W is the Search All option (Absence of "W" searches from cursor
      to end/top of doc depending on "B")
      G is the All Documents option (Absence of searches on in focused
      A is Replace All option (Absence of "A" is one occurrence)
      (Replace range is set by other options)

      Happy Topics,

      The NoteTab Off-Topic List
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