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Re: [NTO] Re: [NTB] outlines: subheadings?

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  • LaurieK
    Oh, ok... never thought to say anything.... geeesh, where s my head?? Vault http://www.personalmicrocosms.com/ My husband uses PhotoVault as he is an Ebayer
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      Oh, ok... never thought to say anything.... geeesh, where's my head??



      My husband uses PhotoVault as he is an Ebayer (cringe... did you know
      $$$$$$'s have WINGS :) hehehe) anyway, he keeps his selling and winning bid
      photos in PhotoVault and then copy/pastes the auction info into the file so
      he always has the info.

      Vault is what I use at work (and NoteTab) EVERY DAY for gathering daily
      tidbits on the product line I support. Each model has its own category, the
      OS has is one category, etc..... its KICK BUTT :) Now don't ask me what I
      support because if I tell ya, they'd hafta kill me:) Not really but you
      know, confidentiality being what it is, I work for an Out Sourcer for
      Technical Support.

      Anywho...... Vault is pretty awesome. Eric just updated the program for
      item entry so that when you click for a new heading, a box comes up with
      room for the title and below it the text. You used to have to just create
      the title and add the text after the 'note' was created. Anyway, I have
      registered copies of both software packages with no limitations and let me
      tell you, I USE them :)

      NTP and Vault along with FrontPage 2000 are the three most used
      applicaitions I own....I would be a bumbling idiot without just even one of

      Check it out, its BY FAR, the best note taking software using the nested
      hierarchy type of interface. The ONLY drawback that it has and I have
      asked about possible updates and it appears that for the intention of the
      application itself, it just is not feasible, is for it to have a
      multi-document interface. Like the ability to open more than one vault data
      file at once in the same tree because I have several or for it to have tabs
      but have them all open at once like note in Note Tab but it doesn't but one
      can open more than one instance of the program.

      Enough preaching :) you asked Alec :)

      As the saying goes... be careful what you ask for
      heheheheahahahahahahahahahhahahehehehehe :)

      Happy Sunday!!! Alias is on tonight!! WOOHOO... (but I miss Sopranos and
      Six Feet Under REAL bad!!)


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      > Laurie: before Andrew asks (maybe he already knows ;=), I will ...
      > > > > Is it possible to create subheadings in the outline documents?
      > >>It would allow me to eliminate the use
      > of another program that I use daily......<<
      > Which is ... ?
      > Regards ... Alec
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