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Re: [NTO] Reformatted hard drive

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  • Lawrence M Hamilton, Jr.
    Hi Raenie, ... GREAT! That can be a major challenge in itself! ... have ... Don t feel bad. I think a lot of us have learned this in the been there done that
    Message 1 of 3 , May 3, 2000
      Hi Raenie,

      On Wed, 03 May 2000 04:00:20 -0000 sav_one@... writes:
      > Hello everyone,

      > Edition", I managed to figure out how to 'Format my hard disk'.
      > Well, sort of................
      > I managed to create a 'primary' DOS partition using FDISK. (25% of
      > system storage) I also have an extended DOS partition (75% of system
      > storage).
      > I've managed to load my Win95 and then my Win98 update programs. My
      > IE4 browser which was on one of the disks is working and I have
      > Internet access.

      GREAT! That can be a major challenge in itself!

      > My major problem is that I have no idea how to access or use the
      > 'extended' partition. Also, I don't know what 'Logical Drives'
      > would do for me?! or how they would be accessed and used.
      > I was hoping to partition my drive and try to install Mandrake Linux
      > operating system. (maybe I should hold off on that <groan> ;-))
      > My book doesn't explain what to do with the partitions or logical
      > drives, once I've created them. I'm pretty limited in working with
      > DOS (I understand the basics, but don't have a decent book which
      > explains how/what I should do.)
      > My other problem is that I can't figure out which 'drivers' my
      > system needs. I have all of the disks which Gateway sent me, but they
      > multiple choices.
      > Ugh, boy that sounds really dumb....
      > Can anyone give me some advice?

      Don't feel bad. I think a lot of us have learned this in the "been there
      done that" school.

      Win95/98 has tools to help you figure out what your hardware is and what
      drivers you need. Once you get everything working, it has a report it can
      print out with all the detailed information on your system. I do not use
      Linux, but have looked into it, you will need the information in this
      report to configure Linux, since it requires the user to input it. The
      report is under My computer, just right-click on my computer, left-click
      on properties, choose the Device Manager Tab and click the print button.
      If you see a red x or a yellow !, it indicates a problem, you can then
      highlight it and click the properties button.

      Keeping records of your system drivers, etc., will save you these
      headaches next time. I say next time, because there almost always is.

      As all of us have or will, you have learned a lot about your computer
      that will help you with future problems.


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