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Re: [NTO] Nettamer

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  • Jody
    Hi Melvin, I not a typist and I find most DOS programs using mainly shortcuts for most the features. I found Netscape a joke all the way around in version 6,
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 2, 2001
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      Hi Melvin,

      I not a typist and I find most DOS programs using mainly
      shortcuts for most the features. I found Netscape a joke all the
      way around in version 6, but that is my opinion FWIW. I believe
      when you get down to the top 3-5 eMail programs in Windows it
      pretty much is a personal preference thing. Eudora has some
      features that I "cannot live without". I stay connect all the
      time accept for when I sleep so download time of messages is not
      even a question for me to consider. My preference of eMail
      programs in order are Eudora, PocoMail, and then Pegasus,
      although I like TheBat! a bit too. These are the ones I
      currently have installed in my Mail Folder that I have just to
      put them there for testing. I have maybe another half dozen that
      are not installed this time after a reformat which I do a couple
      times a year. One fairly popular mail app I do not have
      installed presently is Becky. IMO, it is OK, but I think we are
      back to personal preference with it. (I think Agent is the pits
      for eMail and think that for my purposes of a newsreader OE
      serves me just fine. Allegro is a bit bloated for me, although
      the companies FTPVoyager is a nice piece of FTP software.
      CommandMail is a cute little commandline mail - if I remember
      correctly, it only sends mail. FoxMail is a nice little light
      weight program for somebody that doe snot do a lot of mail and
      they are a bit "Computer challenged." :-) Phoenix is about like
      what I said of FoxMail. It still has not made it to version one
      yet; I have version .92 installed. <bg> SVList is a small mail
      list manager that works pretty good for small mailing lists.

      I run two copies of Eudora at a time, the second being a second
      instance really using all the support files in my personal Eudora
      which is what I use for the mailing lists, my web sites, regular
      mail to friends, etc. I use the second instance for Fookes
      Software so I keep all the mail separated.

      You mentioned the time learning a program. I think that is one
      of the main things holding me back from switching completely to
      PocoMail; I'm just too busy to learn it, well the scripting
      language it has. Most mail programs to me are not hard at all
      nor time consuming to learn, but Poco has a scripting language
      something like NoteTab's, but geared towards eMail of course.
      One of the main things I like about Eudora is its interface.

      D:\Mail Programs\SVList\
      D:\Mail Programs\AgentFree\
      D:\Mail Programs\Allegro\
      D:\Mail Programs\Calypso\
      D:\Mail Programs\CommandMail\
      D:\Mail Programs\FoxMail\
      D:\Mail Programs\FoxMailCH\
      D:\Mail Programs\MAIL\
      D:\Mail Programs\Phoenix Mail\
      D:\Mail Programs\PMail\
      D:\Mail Programs\Poco2.5\
      D:\Mail Programs\Agent\
      D:\Mail Programs\The Bat\

      >I still use it frequently because I find Windows an obstacle to
      >efficiency and operate in DOS as much as possible. Nettamer is
      >much faster than Netscape. It zips in, downloads all my messages
      >and frees up my phone in less than a minute, usually. It has
      >some klutzy aspects. But the speed and simplicity of operation
      >make it a valuable tool. I doubt that any GUI e-mail app could
      >be as fast. But I haven't experimented much. It's too time
      >consuming to try things out.

      Happy Topics,

      The NoteTab Off-Topic List
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