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[NTO] Clueless and his Icon changing

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  • LaurieK
    Thanks Laurie, I never would have figured that one out on my own. Man! That is so cool! Do all my other .EXE program files have a hidden set of icons inside
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2001
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      Thanks Laurie, I never would have figured that one out on my own.

      Man! That is so cool!

      Do all my other .EXE program files have a hidden set of icons inside
      them too? This is going to be like an easter egg hunt! Just think,
      all those icons just sitting there and I never knew it.

      Yes, *.exe files have icons, *.dll files have icons, there are bazillions of
      icons on your hard drive. There are programs to suck all of the icons out
      of those hidden places as well. I use "Quick Icon Grabber"

      Of course, you grab them once and they are grabbed. What *I* do is, I have
      a folder on my hard drive called "Winfiles" and EVERYTHING goes in there
      that I use to make Windows beautiful in my eyes. I have a folder for
      Cursors, one for Wallpaper, one for Icons, one for Fonts (I'll discuss this
      in a minute) and one for Wav files. Now, if you ever have to do some
      reformatting or something, you have ALL of your 'beautifiers' in one place
      and know that if you back up that one directory, all of your fancy icons and
      such are safe and secure. Plop that folder back after a reformat or crash
      or whatever and you are back in business.

      As for fonts, you may or may not know that the more fonts you have in your
      font directory, the more resources windows uses because all of the
      "installed" fonts take up memory, maybe a little but hey, resources are
      resources. SO, if you use a utiltity such as Font Explorer
      http://www.moonsoftware.com you can view all of the fonts you have on your
      system, you can write your own catchy phrases to see how they look in that
      font and if you choose to install it, tell the program to do so and WHALA,
      you are there.... so... long story short (yeahsureright, this is me) if you
      do not use fonts a lot but are a font-a-holic (and there is a website for
      that http://www.fontsanon.com free registration to FONTS GALORE!!) you can
      store the special beauties that you like in the Winfiles\Fonts folder for
      safe keeping.

      Now wasn't THAT more details than you ever thought you'd ever find out when
      discussing Note Tab.. OFF TOPIC :)

      Oh yeah, did I say "thanks" yet? Well, thanks again, anyway.

      YES YOU DID and I say You are most welcome, I am in my element helping
      folks, I do tech support for a living and as long as I am still a dummy with
      clips 'n such, at least I can pay it forward so to speak and help those in
      need with topics I know about to make up the difference :)

      Clueless, I'm glad I could help!!

      But, thanks again, again, for turning me on to those hidden icons!

      Look for those icon grabbing utils, you will be AMAZED at the icons you will
      find, a lot of duplicates and triplicates but hey, so what...
      Another cool program if you want to save just one specific icon from a large
      group to your Winfiles\Icons folder (cuz I know you already created one cuz
      its such a neat idea :) I know it) is Icon Toy, it will allow you to double
      click to select, then right click to save as and save it as a bmp or ico.
      Also, it will just scan a whole driver or just a folder, whatever your
      choice... the url for that is: http://www.lighttek.com

      TA TA :)

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