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NTP freezes on HP OmniBook/Win98 (was Re: [NTB] NoteTab Pro freezes on a HP OmniBook/Win98 ?)

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  • Stefan Elssner
    Hi Jody, ... Thanks, I just did so and we will see. I ll try to avoid running WindowsCommander simultanously for the next days too, for removing the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2001
      Hi Jody,

      >recently. Try turning down your hardware acceleration a notch or
      >two to see if it "fixes" it.

      Thanks, I just did so and we will see.

      I'll try to avoid running WindowsCommander simultanously for the next
      days too, for removing the possibility of interferences between the
      two, if there were any at all...

      BTW, I developed another idea for a possible reason for the problem
      right after posting my first message:

      It might also have to do with possible problems in our SAMBA
      Linux-to-Windows networking configuration, I guess. AFAIK temporarly
      unreachable network drives can cause strange effects in some programs
      too. (It's more a problem of the OS than of the particular prog in
      question then, I think.)

      This could count for both the freezing of NoteTab and WinCommander...

      >We've had some that have/had problems in WinME when using View
      >in Browser also.
      >If you reply, please do so on the NoteTab Off-Topic list. There
      >are some sharp system trouble shooters on that list. There is an
      > ...

      In case that someone at the list might be interested in the start of
      this thread, here is my original posting to the regular NoteTab list:

      --- snip ---
      To: notetab@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [NTB] NoteTab Pro freezes on a HP OmniBook/Win98 ?
      From: Stefan Elssner <elssner@...>
      Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 17:28:41 +0200

      Hi all,

      I have a problem with NoteTab Pro 4.85 running on a Hewlett Packard
      OmniBook XE3 under Windows 98.

      From time to time NoteTab freezes without obviously reason and can
      only be killed via CTRL-ALT-DEL | kill task. (sometimes several times
      a day).

      I wasn't able yet to reproduce this problem at will.

      It seems, that it is likely to occur when I run Christian Ghisler's
      Windows Commander (v. 4.52) the same time, (which sometimes freezes
      too) but I'm not sure if this has really to do with each other.

      I knew both programs over a long time and found both very reliable and
      stable on several machines, so the current problem seems a little
      strange to me.

      Anyone out there who can confirm similar problems or has a clue for

      (It's not absolutely unlikely that it may have to do with the on-board
      graphic chip of the OmniBook resp. it's driver, I think? I remember
      that I had strange problems with Microsoft's IE 5 years ago, which
      eventually were traced down to the driver of the ATI Rage graphics
      adapter that I used in my PC those days. ... Anyone with an idea?)

      --- snap ---


      stefan elssner --- mailto:elssner@...
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