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Re: [NTO] cannot install notetab light

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  • Jody
    Hi crazy-horse@outgun.com, Turn off any resource hogs that you may have in Startup (or anti- virus programs). Then try installing from a fresh boot. Your
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 26, 2001
      Hi crazy-horse@...,

      Turn off any resource hogs that you may have in Startup (or anti-
      virus programs). Then try installing from a fresh boot. Your
      display problem could very likely be a corrupt riched32.dll
      and/or resource issue.

      >I have been using Notetab Light for a year or so, and have been very
      >pleased with it. The other day when I opened it up, all of the
      >documents were blank. No sign of life no matter what I tried. So I
      >checked some other similar programs I've had laying around from when
      >I was checking out text editors, and all but one other were okay - as
      >in that they showed the text file. (Arachnophilia gave me the message
      >"Failed to open empty document!".) I tried reinstalling Notetab from
      >the zip I had, then I tried downloading it again and installing that
      >file, and then I tried uninstalling it so that I could do a clean
      >install. It refused to uninstall so I (darn it!) just deleted that
      >folder and then did a registry clean up. After that I tried
      >installing it again and I keep getting hung up on "Preparing wizard,
      >please wait." (I could wait till doomsday before it does
      >anything! "not responding".) I love my Notetab and I want it back,
      >but I'm clueless at this point. I don't know what I might have done
      >to make this happen. If anyone could help me out with some idea I
      >would really appreciate it. If it helps to know, I am running Windows
      >98, my computer knowledge is not the greatest, like I used a program
      >to clean up the registry I've never edited it myself before, but I'll
      >give anything a shot at this point.
      >I did a search in the Notetab Basic List and found this reference:
      >Date: Mon Aug 7, 2000 5:18 pm
      >Subject: Re: [NTB] Installation Problems
      >Hi Alvaro,
      >>Recently my computer stopped answering and I turned it
      >>off with a Notetab Light session opened, when I turned it back
      >>on and tried to open a text file using NT nothing happened,
      >>the file seemed to be loaded but it appeared blank and if I tried
      >>to type anything I got a message box asking:
      >>Replace large selection?
      >>Yes or No
      >NoteTab Light uses the Rich-edit input control, which is part of
      >It's possible that the DLL which contains this control, or one of the
      >related ones, is damaged. If this is the case, you would have to
      >reinstall the DLL to fix the problem.
      >Eric Fookes
      >If that might be the case, how do I figure out which DLL it is? Tell
      >me it doesn't mean reinstalling Windows PLEASE! I never fail to
      >forget to back up something(s) when I've done that (twice.)
      >Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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      Happy Topics,

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