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Re: [NTO] Windows 95 registry problem

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  • Harvey R. Savage
    ... Marcus, If Larry s suggestion doesn t work, or, even if it does, I have a batch file I downloaded from one of the many sites that supply tips and tricks
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 15, 2001
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      Larry Hamilton wrote:
      > Hi Marcus,
      > Win95 will make one backup of the registry on its own,
      > c:\windows\system.da0 (that's a zero, not the letter o), and
      > c:\windows\user.da0. However, it is overwritten by each successful
      > boot of Win95. I have seen it become corupted. Also system.1st is
      > in c:\ is the backup of the registry when Win9x is first installed.
      > HTH,
      > Larry
      > On 15 Apr 2001, at 23:50, Marcus wrote:
      > > Hi Folks,
      > >
      > >
      > > Thanks,
      > >
      > > Marcus Friedlaender


      If Larry's suggestion doesn't work, or, even if it does, I have a
      batch file I downloaded from one of the many sites that supply
      'tips and tricks' for windows.

      The bat file is written to clean the registry but, you have to at
      least be able to boot to the c:\ prompt to run the bat file.

      I used it several times while I still had Win95 with no ill
      effects. As always, when working with the registry be sure to
      have backups. At any given time I have at least 3 backups that I
      have created aside from the backups that Win98 creates.

      Batch file follows, just copy into the root directory and run
      from the command line, hope this helps also.

      @echo off

      rem {begin code}

      REM Shopvac 2000 Version 5.5
      REM by Jim Delong (reboot@...)
      REM Updated May 5/2000
      echo DO NOT run this within windows.
      echo You MUST restart in DOS mode, or start in DOS
      echo for this to work.
      echo Now exporting the registry and making backups.
      attrib -h -r -s *.dat
      regedit /l:c:\windows\system.dat /e c:\system.txt
      regedit /r:c:\windows\user.dat /e c:\user.txt
      echo Now checking for old Shopvac files.
      DEL c:\windows\user.dbt
      DEL c:\windows\system.dbt
      echo Now renaming the old registry as system.dbt and user.dbt
      ren system.dat *.dbt
      ren user.dat *.dbt
      echo Now rebuilding the registry.
      echo Depending on the size of your hard drive,
      echo and the speed of your system,
      echo this could take some time.
      echo Now rebuilding system.dat
      regedit /l:c:\windows\system.dat /c c:\system.txt
      echo Now rebuilding user.dat
      regedit /r:c:\windows\user.dat /c c:\user.txt
      echo Shopvac 2000 is done.
      echo You will now be restarted, and returned to Windows.

      rem {end code}
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