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Re: [NTO] Thanks for your support and concern

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  • Jody
    Hi Ian, ... Thanks for bringing it over here! You might want to brief through this before replying, because you might only feel like me that the end of it is
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 16, 2000
      Hi Ian,

      > Replying to Jody from the HTML list.

      Thanks for bringing it over here! You might want to brief
      through this before replying, because you might only feel like me
      that the end of it is all that needs replying to. Thank for
      admitting when you were wrong. ;)

      > ...Garret...
      > With the recent out break of these programs, they have finally
      > gained a name now. It's now called 'Spyware'.

      It might be called that, but the label is false as we saw from
      the links I posted. We can put names on a lot of things, but
      that does not mean what they do or are.

      > THE problem is attaching it to the browser and not their own
      > product.
      > This is THE issue for the whole discussion.

      Well, yes, then keep the focus on it instead of coming up with
      these other things like Shareware authors putting "Spyware" on
      their Shareware products and calling them all kinds of names. ;)

      >> I believe you are extremely over exaggerating here. Also, I
      >> believe you are stepping on the rights of a programmer to use
      >> whatever legal means he wants to use to make a living.
      > Jody, I am raising a ETHICAL / MORAL objection. Suppose you
      > work hard to deliver a product to some customer. Then the
      > customer calls you to say the product is behaving in ways you
      > did neither write nor intend. When you investigated you found
      > that some tech-wiz decided he could put his advertizing on your
      > program. Would you not be livid?

      I agree, but you did not go into this in your second post. Your
      accusations were unjustified giving Shareware authors a bad name
      and since this started with NetCaptor, Adam Stiles in particular.

      >> I personally do not use Bannerware because it is very
      >> distracting for me.
      > When NetCaptor was praised, I went to the site and took the
      > tour. It looked promising. It said it was add supported. It did
      > not say that it used Banerware. If it did, I would not have
      > know what it meant. IT DID NOT SAY THAT IT WOULD ADD A PARASITE
      > TO IE5.

      True, we have been over this, but for the benefit of the others
      reading this when Adam Styles was informed about the WEB3000
      banner being put on IE5 he immediately took action because he
      realized it was wrong and is having the WEB3000 people make him a
      new .dll.

      >> I am a consumer of Shareware and user of Freeware. I see
      >> absolutely no threat to the Shareware Industry or to Freeware
      >> because of Bannerware.
      > If you do not, then I have failed to make the case.

      Certainly not. I have used it in the past, so I know what it
      behaves like. It would not matter if I never used it to make a
      point, in fact, by me not using it makes my point more valid,
      because I am not biased. If I don't use it because it distracts
      me and since there is software using it that I would like to use
      but don't, I'd rather see it not allowed. However, I *do not*
      want to see that happen for the reasons I have stated. Software
      programmers should have the right to offer their software in any
      form or fashion as long as it is not illegal.

      > What more can I say?

      Well, if you want to say my argument is no good because I do not
      use Bannerware, then you might as well throw out 95% of the
      reviews you read on software since the writers just try it out
      for the most part and are done with it, except NoteTab of course. :)

      >> I believe in liberty for people no matter what walk of life
      >> they are in so long as it does not harm others.
      > My premise it that they HAVE BEEN HARMED by the banner
      > advertising on IE5 when not being used by the sponsored site.

      With NetCaptor, that is being corrected. As far as the other
      software, you should get with WEB3000 on that. I agree that
      software should not attached itself to other programs without the
      user given an option like WebWord does with MS Word. Or like
      ClipWriter does with NoteTab.

      > Okay we are still confusing his product (or other author's)
      > product with a sea change tampering of our environment which is
      > larger than any one's product.

      Re: WEB3000 above. Our fight should be with those people and
      perhaps posts to authors that se stuff like WEB3000 did to
      encourage them not to use invasive products. NetSonic might be
      WEB3000, but I am not sure.

      >> Also, I believe thanking the authors for being concerned about
      >> their users is in line as well to let them know they are
      >> appreciated. Everybody sure knows we sure need more authors
      >> like that!!!

      > Certainly.


      > And I like to thank you for you very generous patience with my
      > concerns on this whole issue.
      > My first response was outrage.
      > I followed up by trying to be Paul Revere and warn everyone.
      > By now, I hope everyone has the message

      Great! So, we have a happy ending? FWIW, Adam Styles is 27 years
      old so he wasn't even in his parents mind when you had already
      been developing for a few years, so I think he handled the
      situation quite well. :) You might want to thank him for that
      and give him some suggestions since you feel so strong about it.


      Happy Off-Topic'n!

      The NoteTab Off-Topic List
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