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Re: [NTO] windows ..... regedit ....

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  • Jim Hall
    Bill, ... FWIW, I have gone through what you are getting ready to do and here are a few of the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLIES, I encountered. WIN2K PRO, in and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 29, 2001
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      At 10:10 AM 1/27/01, you wrote:
      >? I want to try to get as much information as possible before formating my
      >disk to upgrade to win2000pro .... feeling real neverous about this ....
      >any help would be appreciated ...

      FWIW, I have gone through what you are getting ready to do and here are a
      few of the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLIES, I encountered.

      WIN2K PRO, in and of itself was great to use. (Yes, I did say WAS) It has
      many new and improved features that were (are again) a pain and a nuisance
      in WIN98. I could go on and on about all of the neat aspects of WIN2K PRO,
      there are dozens that come to mind immediately that I wish were in WIN98.


      I must first say that I put it on only one of 2 computers which are
      networked in a LAN situation and were running fine using WIN98 when I
      started. I did this when WIN2K PRO first became available as an exercise to
      evaluate WIN2K PRO for use on several similar small LAN's.

      Initially all seemed Okay, then I added a 3rd computer which was also
      running WIN98 and the problems began.

      During my evaluation of WIN2K PRO I encountered 2 major problems which
      caused me to take it off of the LAN system (and a couple of "BRAND NEW OUT
      OF THE BOX" machines and revert back to WIN98.

      Problem #2 (Not necessarily a WIN2K problem)

      When I added the 3rd computer, the 2 computers running WIN98 worked fine
      but the computer running WIN2K started having difficulty with accessing the
      drives on the WIN98 computers. It could take up to 20-30 seconds (REALLY!!)
      to access a directory on one of the other machines, specifically the 3rd

      It is possible that the LAN card or something else on the 3rd machine
      caused the problem, I never did track down the real problem. I eventually
      just went back to WIN98 and the problem went away and all 3 machines work
      just like the book says.

      Problem #1 (Not necessarily a WIN2K problem)

      #1 because it is/was the major problem I found with WIN2K, that we didn't
      have as much trouble with in upgrading from WIN95 to WIN98.

      Since WIN2K is actually NT based, 90%+ of the drivers that work for WIN98
      do not work for WIN2K.

      Some work partially and most not at all.

      The major task here is to try to figure out who manufactured a given piece
      of hardware, what their URL is, and whether or not they have generated a
      WIN2K driver for it, and if they did, do you still have all of the original

      In most cases where the hardware isn't too old, they have created one,
      however the bells and whistles that came with it and worked fine in WIN98,
      do not work in WIN2K, and if the hardware is very old, they probably won't
      redo the goodies for WIN2K. Where they have, they usually want to charge
      you for it. (Understandable but expensive)

      Even though the hardware I was using was either brand new or less than a
      year old, I still had a hard time finding WIN2K drivers. Also I didn't
      start looking for them until after I installed WIN2K.
      (Bad Plan!!)

      The best example of the above is my Diamond V770 Ultra Video Board which
      came with "In control Tools 99" software.

      WIN2K has a generic NVIDIA driver so one can get going but not all of the
      features on my board are available.

      Diamond finally made a WIN2K driver but "In control Tools 99" no longer
      works. They have made a WIN2K version of "In control Tools 99" but they
      charge for it.

      I use the features of "In control Tools 99" at least 10 times a day and
      don't want to do without them.

      I experienced the above scenario in so many areas (printer, CD writer,
      scanner, modem, sound card, etc. etc.) that even though I was enjoying the
      neat features of WIN2K, I was continually irritated at not having all of
      the other tools that I am used to using.

      My conclusion was to wait until I upgrade my systems with post WIN2K
      hardware (with WIN2K drivers and accessory software) before converting to

      My advice is to verify that you have or can get WIN2K drivers for "ALL" of
      your hardware, and that you can live with the loss of any accessory
      applications that are not available for WIN2K ***"BEFORE"*** you convert to

      My livelihood comes from my computers and it was a trade-off that I
      couldn't afford to make.

      If one has a spare machine and wants to check out and play with WIN2K I
      think it is a good idea but I wouldn't put it on the machine that you
      depend on.

      Just my thoughts and experiences.


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